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Latest On Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant released his new KD9 signature shoe on Monday, and with reporters in attendance, the conversation eventually turned to Durant’s looming free agency. As Royce Young of details, the former MVP said that his free agency will be a “basketball decision.” Asked to clarify that answer, Durant explained that it’s not necessarily about moving to a bigger market, or landing the biggest contract.

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“Just who I’m going to be playing with and the people I’m going to be around every single day, that’s what it’s all about for me,” Durant told “You tend to hear about the market and the opportunities you can get off the basketball court, but I’m blessed, man, to be making what I make as a basketball player.

“And I’m doing this in Oklahoma City,” Durant continued. “I don’t care about commercials, I don’t really care about this s—, I just want to hoop. But this comes with it and I got all this being in Oklahoma City. So all that stuff doesn’t really matter to me. It’s all about who I’m gonna play with, what type of people I’m going to be around every single day and I’ll go from there.”

While Durant hasn’t been looking ahead to July 1st to figure out his plan for free agency, a number of teams around the NBA are hoping to make face-to-face pitches to him at that point, and it sounds like at least a few will have that opportunity. A source tells Frank Isola of the New York Daily News that Durant, who had considered holding meetings in New York, will likely meet with suitors in Los Angeles once the recruiting period begins.

That same source suggests to Isola that if Durant decides not to re-sign with the Thunder, the Warriors look like the biggest threat to land him. Isola also writes that OKC viewed the Knicks as a major threat for Durant at one point, but haven’t been as concerned about New York since Derek Fisher was ousted as the team’s head coach.

Wherever he lands in free agency, Durant plans on being a part of USA Basketball’s Olympic squad later in the summer, as we heard over the weekend.

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23 thoughts on “Latest On Kevin Durant

  1. Thronson5

    I think that he’s making it clear he isn’t going to LA or NY. If he doesn’t stay in OKC I can see him going to the Spurs.

    • LarryJoeBird

      I don’t see how he fits with San Antonio. I think it’s OKC or Golden St. SA has Aldridge at PF and Leonard at SF. So I don’t see it.

      • They could theoretically slide Leonard to SG. Although that then pushes Green to the bench/they would have to trade him.

        • Thronson5

          Basketball is going small now a days. Aldridge can play Center, Durant or Leonard can play PF and the other SF. Now a days lineups like that work. Not sure how a player like Durant wouldn’t work with just about any team. I think Spurs are legit threat, I think the Rockets might try to hard to get him also and team him up with Harden again now after letting Howard go. Teams have a lot of money and a lot of teams will at least try to sign him. I think it comes down to Warriors, Spurs and OKC.

  2. The Knicks were never really a threat. He was only going to sign with a team that he feel could help him get a ring. Isola only put the Knicks because he’s from NY and needs something to create some headlines.

  3. Creighz

    Joining the Blazers completes the circle.

  4. fmfish12


    • MicMac

      KD and a trade for Butler would be nice
      Imagine Thomas/Butler/Durant or Love instead of Butler

  5. Any team can sign KD with the salary cap boost. The Pacers are the biggest dark horse in the chase for him. You’d be foolish not to think of this from a basketball standpoint.

    KD and PG is a dangerous threat to the East and the league.

    • As a Pacers fan I would absolutely love if he went there. I just have doubts if he would even go to the East.

      • I think if he does go to the EC, it’s Washington or Boston. But I think from all standpoints, Washington has the best chance out of EC teams and 3rd overall after OKC and GSW. Washington only has (technically) 6 players under contract. A team around Durant, Wall, and Beal? And his former coach? There’s nothing to discuss. Only reason people doubt Washington is because they had a season with TONS of injuries. And with almost none of those guys coming back, plenty of opportunity to change culture. I think he would an idiot to ignore it

  6. Why does anyone quote Isola?

    He’s a complete stooge and knows nothing except the stories he makes up and half the time he can’t even remember those.

  7. BallingSince

    Slick hope he stays I hate change

    • Thomas

      If durant really wants to hoop I c a three way trade Washington, houston, Oklahoma just my guess maybe miami as a mystery team

      • Who would even be changing teams? I assume Wall and Harden would be untouchable/not a part of the deal. What does Houston have to gain from being a part of a deal since Durant has basically said he won’t be going to Houston? And what do the other teams have to gain from Houston (as in what assets do they have to end up giving up) to be a part of a 3-team deal.

  8. OKC, SAS, Indiana really di gave the most favorable travel locations.
    SAS seems a bit crowded.

  9. GSW

  10. Michael

    I think he should go to Washington. He would clearly be the Superstar. While John Wall and Bradley Beal are good players they’re not all time greats. But i think they’re good enough and with the supporting pieces around him he can win a title and not be apart of some super team.

  11. If he ended up in GS or CLE youd have to think this salary increase is now just going to make the league a joke.

  12. jeffy25

    I still think Durant does a one year with a player option to remain in OKC and takes a shot with Westbrook one final time, and then hits the market where the pay day is way stronger, even in OKC.

    Financially, it would be silly to sign a long term deal, and his agent knows that. You sign that next summer

  13. Ravens_Last_Place

    He’s going to GS or SA. Definitely not BOS. Sorry OKC!

  14. Evenyear

    Bay Area bound

  15. Robert

    Spurs would be the best choice if you consider the players,the starters,the bench,the head coach,ability to rotate players within the game itself.And finally history of winning championships

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