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Celtics, Wizards Frontrunners For Al Horford

1:21pm: The Hawks have upped their proposal to include a fifth year, but Atlanta is still not offering Horford a maximum salary, Zach Klein of WSB Atlanta tweets.

10:23am: The competition to sign veteran Al Horford is heating up, with the Celtics and Wizards emerging as the frontrunners to land the big man, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical reports. Horford is expected to make his final decision this evening and may be in line for a deal valued at four-years and $113MM, adds the Vertical scribe.

The 30-year-old pared down the list of teams he is considering this morning, according to Wojnarowski. Horford has reportedly met with the Rockets and one other unnamed team besides the C’s and Wizards, possibly the Hawks, though the Thunder and several other franchises were also believed to be in the hunt for his services.

The Hawks, who committed more than $140MM to Kent Bazemore and Dwight Howard on Friday, reportedly remain in the hunt for Horford, though Atlanta had yet to pony up a max offer as of  late Friday night. Atlanta has reportedly been involved in trade talks that would help the team clear the space necessary to bring back the veteran, if he still wants to return. A Paul Millsap trade is a possibility, with Chris Haynes of reporting that a trade involving Millsap and Suns draft picks has been “pondered” in recent days.

Horford appeared in all 82 regular season games for Atlanta this past season, averaging 15.2 points, 7.3 rebounds and 3.2 assists in 32.1 minutes per night. His shooting line was .505/.344/.798.

Which team would be a better fit for Horford — Washington or Boston? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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37 thoughts on “Celtics, Wizards Frontrunners For Al Horford

  1. Boston!

  2. Celtics are a perfect fit and WAY better than Wizards, who just paid Beal millions more than C’s pay Bradley+Thomas+ Crowder! It’s just too bad Horford isn’t going to be at the Durant meeting…

  3. Shhmoe

    Wizards better fit wall and al holford tough to defend that pick and roll and open up space too

  4. Detroit. GO TO DETROIT.

    • Eddie Scarito


  5. Hoped he’d go to Houston. Of the 2 mentioned, I hope he goes to WIzards.

  6. Howard

    Boston where they are 1 or 2 players away from being a serious contender. Horford defensively is a fit in Boston and will be the big offensively needed to clear the lane for inside out game they play. Brad Stevens could do wonders with a guy like Horford!

  7. I think the wizards cuz him wall an beal then alongside Gortart plus few off the bench with length in Porter an oubrey

  8. Only the Thunder make sense from a career standpoint. They’re all offering similar money I imagine. But Celtics – Hawks – Wizards, bottom half of the NBA East Playoffs year after year. Going to the Thunder he’d play that stretch 4 type w/his ability to shoot the 3. Keeping Adams/Kanter at the 5 or they move Kanter to a desperate team for a bag of balls.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Well I wonder if his logic with going to Boston would be “Hey look I’m here! See! People sign here! Come play with me!”. Which is a possibility, and he could draw someone next year. Not sure how the market is looking next year.

    • Jmoney

      Kanter would have to be moved to fit Al’s salary, unless you’re assuming KD is gone? OKC guaranteed Morrow and Ilyasova’s contracts meaning they are over 70 million in salaries now and would have to go over the cap to resign KD. Obviously they can sign Al first, then go into the luxury to resign KD with his bird rights, but 1) i don’t think a small market team would do that, and 2) they would lose either Adams and Oladipo both next year when they can’t afford to max either out OR Westbrook. They won’t be able to hand out 5 max contracts in a 2 year span…..

      • lakersfan27

        They’ll just clear cap space after the season starts. I’m sure they will be able to find a taker on kanter. Maybe they throw Payne in to sweeten any potential deal.

        • Agreed. For all of Kanter’s defensive shortcomings, he looked passable in the playoffs and his offensive game is a good fit with any team really since he isn’t an Al Jefferson/Jahlil Okafor slow-it-down type of big.

  9. bravesfan

    Lets go hawks

  10. Ravens_Last_Place

    Go to Wizards to win. Boston is not winning soon.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Literally every single comment I’ve ever seen you post is negative towards Boston… Plus, if Horford comes, guys would be more inclined to go to Boston anyways.

    • tobyharrah1977

      I agree with Connorsoxfan. You’re a Celtics hater. If you think the Wizards are better than the Celtics you need your head examined.

    • Sports Genius 187

      Wizard missed playoffs dumbass

  11. D. Holmes

    Would love for him to go to Golden State.

  12. fmfish12

    Boston would be ideal for both the team and Horford. He fits the team’s need for a big man, and a player with some stardom. If Horford ends up in Beantown, the stars are aligning right for the Celtics for their pursue of Kevin Durant, and ultimately compete against the Cavs as the team to come out of the East.

  13. Wally-the-green-monster

    Easy, Boston it is. He’s the instant #2 option on the Celts where he’s third or fourth option in WAS. Teamwork matters too.

    • I don’t know if he’d be the fourth option in WAS. John Wall is obviously the first option (although with his playmaking ability, I’m sure he won’t really complain if a guy like Horford is taking some of his touches away as long as he’s hitting his shots). He’d probably be a 2a/2b option with Beal since their games are different and Beal could technically just sit out on the perimeter while Horford works down low.

  14. Newsflash: the Wizards suck!

  15. BlueBlood1217

    Boston for sure.

  16. Chris815

    Wizards need horford now that Anderson sign with Houston

  17. CursedRangers

    Does anyone know if the Mavs plan on suiting up a team next year?

    • Eddie Scarito

      I think the league would frown upon it if they don’t….

  18. Chris815

    And if they still came close to making the playoffs even with all [expletive] that went on with last season . Wizards are so to have great season . And who does celtics have that better the wizards really ask any NBA player they tell you Washington player are better

    • Eddie Scarito

      Please. No cursing in our comment threads. Don’t want to be someone who has to ban IPs. Appreciate it!

  19. cjh815

    First off how would say bull junk that went on last season . And you need tell people stop calling wizards suck

    • Eddie Scarito

      I’ll let you figure that out. Don’t have time to engage. But I only issue one warning. So nice.

  20. cjh815

    Also I wish people would do there research before calling all my trade Trash when before I put my trade together may it be baseball or basketball . Also for all of you who say this tehran sucks and Jose Fernandez is a lot better pitcher the Braves just but up 9 runs on him and including 2 home runs one from freeman and the other just got it hit bye jace Peterson .

    • Connorsoxfan

      Lol Fernandez is waaaay better and Teheran is average. And the Wizards are trash. And your trades are insane. What I’ve seen you do is salary matching for research. Matching salaries doesn’t mean matching value. You offer insane 8 team proposals and admit they would never happen, which defeats the purpose of this site altogether. We don’t need another bigpapi4ever hanging around. I wonder if you’re him…

  21. cjh815

    I do my research to back me up

  22. hill

    Tough choice…the best player by far on those two teams is John Wall. Logic says go play with him and complete that team.

    Boston is still 2 years away folks. They’ll get a top 3 pick again next year (thanks BKN) and could have a juggernaut in 18-19.

    I vote WAS..

  23. Chris815

    Ha what about this wizards sign horford and Paul gasol . That would be great front court that those two could work off each other and what a 4 men rotation with horford , gasol , Gortat and Morris with wall beal

    • Connorsoxfan

      That would be the most reasonable thing you’d ever suggested if Horford hadn’t signed with Boston at the same time you posted it.

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