Al Horford Met With Four Teams On Friday

10:52pm: While the Hawks remain involved in the Horford sweepstakes, they have yet to offer him the full max, according to Ramona Shelburne of

10:30pm: The Hawks committed more than $140MM to Kent Bazemore and Dwight Howard on Friday, greatly reducing the odds of Al Horford returning to Atlanta. For his part, Horford also had a busy July 1st, having held free agent meetings with four teams, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical (via Twitter).

Earlier in the day, we heard that the Celtics were among the teams to meet with Horford in Atlanta today, and Boston was expected to put a maximum-salary offer on the table for the free agent big man. Wojnarowski adds the Rockets and Wizards to the list of teams to meet with Horford today, though the identity of the fourth team isn’t known — it’s possible it was the Hawks, though the Thunder and several other teams are also believed to be in the hunt.

According to Brian Windhorst of (via Twitter), the Hawks haven’t backed out of the Horford sweepstakes quite yet, even after striking $70MM deals with Bazemore and Howard. Windhorst reports that Atlanta has been involved in trade talks that would help the team clear the space necessary to bring back Horford, if he wants to return, and Wojnarowski confirms (via Twitter) that the Hawks’ contract negotiations with Horford have been ongoing.

Windhorst didn’t name any specific players as trade candidates for Atlanta, but I would think Tiago Splitter and his $8.55MM cap hit would be at or near the top of the list. A Paul Millsap deal is a possibility as well. Chris Haynes of reports (via Twitter) that a trade involving Millsap and Suns draft picks has been “pondered” in recent days.

Per Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders (Twitter link), the Celtics had apparently hoped to secure an agreement with Horford and then bring him to their meeting with Kevin Durant on Saturday. However, it doesn’t appear Horford will decide on his destination tonight — Wojnarowski says that decision will likely happen over the weekend sometime.

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18 thoughts on “Al Horford Met With Four Teams On Friday

  1. aarongill

    Mystery team Lakers? I hope. I’m still mad about the Mozgod deal.

  2. cjh815

    Also with the talks that Durant had great meeting with clippers. They will have to trade griffin or Jordan to make it happen like aside the other day. I have Meg 6 team trade that could get clippers both Durant and maybe either horford or anderson . If you like to hear it go to articular about Durant, anderson,mahinmi

  3. Chris815

    Hay what about this idea wizards get horford to sign to play power forward 4 years and then get wade to sign a 3 year deal to play small forward then trade gortat , Morris and I throw in porter to and 3 first round pics Sacramento for cousins , curry , I cousins and Cauley stein .
    A starting line up of
    Horford ,
    And bench of
    I. Cousins
    Sign couple other guys that would worse team I heard of

    • Connorsoxfan

      That’s not enough for Cousins and Cauley Stein alone I don’t think, and Curry is a free agent.

      • Chris815

        First off Seth curry is a restrict free agent. 2 me hate to inform you look at the bottom . 3rd off all also hate to inform you. But 2 years ago wizards and kings where in talk to make a s similar deal but are gm at last moment decided not to make the deal because he was worried they won’t have enough $ to sign Durant . Under the cap. So do your research don’t rely rely on the media

        • Two years ago?!? Two years ago the Warriors were going to trade Klay Thompson for Kevin Love, but no one (except Cleveland) would do that deal today.

    • jak9dmb

      unlikely. I doubt Wade wants to at SF, and can’t find someone to pay big $ at SG. Plus, no way Sac makes that trade, even if it was for just Cousins they’d say no. they turned down bigger offers from Boston for just Cousins already

      • Chris815

        Hate to inform you look at bottom . Here this part again . 2 years ago the wizards and king where in talks to send cousin to Washington in a similar deal but are gm decided at last moment not to make the deal because he started to worry they would not have enough $ to make the trade and sign Durant . So do your research better . Don’t just rely on the Media .

  4. Chris815

    Wow think of this team
    C-D cousins
    C. Roberts
    C Perkins
    Pf horford
    Pf Cauley- stein
    Pf white
    Sf wade
    Sf oubre
    Sf Beasley
    Pg wall
    Pg curry
    Pg Vasquez
    Sg beal
    Sg I cousins
    Sg satorasky
    Not bad team I say

    • bsteady powers

      What in your messed up head makes u think the Kings will give U Cousins and Cauley Stein for nothing? News flash: the Wizards aren’t signing a bunch of players and you’re not winning a championship

      • Chris815

        First off do I have to explain this again . The reason for this . Bye the way before I do this again . 2 years ago there was a trade in he works that would have been a similar deal , but are gm decided at the last min. To not make the deal because he was worried it would affect the chance to sign Durant $. So here we go again 1st off Gortat is a top 10 center. And if you don’t be leave me here is his stats . Ow so there no misunderstanding these are his stats with all true centers.
        Points 13.8. 11th
        Blk. 1.4. 12
        Stl. .4. 12
        Ass. 1.5. 11
        Reb. 9.9. 8
        Fg%. 56.9. 8
        To%. 1.4. 8
        And double double which how you truly judge centers he was tied with whiteside for 8 over all in the hole NBA with 41 total d.d.
        And bye way he miss 3 game to take care of his sick mom in Poland , and Whitman did play him in 3 games and he did play 12 games last season because of are ex coach Whitman because of his ego . So his number would be better he mite have had 50 or more d.d which would have had him 4 in all NBA . And he had more of them them Howard ,Paul, Anthony Davis ,Kevin love ,dry almond green,Paul millsap,Greg Monroe Labron James , Kevin Durant ,Aldridge ,brook Lopez ,lanterns, harden ,Tristan thompson ,Carmelo Anthony ,portingis , Gobert, favors ,Randolph , horford ,lillard ,steph curry Blake Griffin Leonard ,that just some of the names
        And also just so you know year before he had more d.d. Then 12 all stars that year including harden , horford , millsap, Noah, Marc gasol , Blake Griffin ,brook Lopez serge Ibaka ,ow ya Draymond green and was tied with Labron James . And last year he had 28 point game and in another he got 22 rebounds just saying When come to Morris he is 25 year old power forward who makes 7.4 million this year even with his season he had good season ow bye the way year before when sun gave in his contract extension he put up 18 ,12,5,2,2 which how many player have put that kind of numbers in any game. Porter is 23 years old small forward who is going into his who is getting better every year and just put up career numbers and 3 draft pick do your homework people.

        • Let’s imagine you’re the Wizards and have Cousins. And Sacramento comes a calling offering Gooden, Gortat, Morris, etc. As the hypothetical Wizards GM, would you take that offer? If you can say yes (which would be crazy) then I could start to take your opinion more seriously. You fail to realize (since you barely even read other people’s comments) is that all your trade ideas are crazy because they are extremely biased. It’s like you expect other teams to trade their best players for a bag of basketballs just because you’re a Wizards fan. But knowing you, you’ll only read that final sentence and make a big deal about how Gortat and Co. are good (which they are…not worth Cousins though) and continue to ignore everything else. If these deals are soooo good, why haven’t they happened yet?

  5. Hawksman

    Horford will go back to Atlanta… much money left on the table if he leaves


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