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Clippers Waive Devyn Marble

3:42pm: The Clippers have officially waived Marble, the team confirmed this afternoon in a press release.

12:53pm: The Clippers will waive shooting guard Devyn Marble, whom they acquired in a trade with the Magic, tweets Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times. The deal, which was completed earlier today, was viewed as a way for L.A. to reduce salary before signing free agent point guard Raymond Felton.

Marble’s contract was non-guaranteed unless he was on a roster past 5 pm Eastern time today, and the Magic were planning to waive him before they found a trading partner in the Clippers. L.A. gave up C.J. Wilcox in the deal and received a 2020 second-round draft pick in return, along with Marble.

A second-round choice in 2014, Marble was traded from the Nuggets to Orlando shortly after the draft. He spent two years with the Magic, but appeared in just 44 games, including 28 this season. He would have made $980,431 next season if he had been retained.

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10 thoughts on “Clippers Waive Devyn Marble

  1. Connorsoxfan

    Clearing roster spots for a trade. The Celtics/Kings/Clips?

    • Thronson5

      I keep hearing about that possible trade. Wonder if it’ll actually happen. Would be a huge trade. I think the Clips need to shake things up a bit. They who knows it they’ll lose players in free agency next off season so they need to increase their chances this season of getting over that hump. I think the Spurs will be in the race but they did get a little weaker. OKC got weaker even though they still may be in it if they keep Westbrook. The Warriors got better but who knows how that will work out. Clips stayed the same and are a good team and still could be in it but if they can shake things up and still be good and maybe even a tad bit better then they could go far if they stay healthy. I’m not a Clippers fan, I’m a Basketball fan and this is just my outlook on things right now and I may be wrong but that’s just how I feel about the West right now and the main teams that are right there.

    • halos101

      those rumors are completely false. doc is not trading Blake

      • Connorsoxfan

        I’m gonna disagree.

        • Thronson5

          Connorsoxfan..what do you disagree with? I hate when people say they disagree or that what someone is saying is false but don’t say why lol

        • halos101

          Connor, why on earth would doc trade him? he’s much better than gay and he has already said he’s not gonna trade a superstar for assets. So if your gonna disagree you better look into it a bit more

      • Thronson5

        Halos101 I agree, I’m sure it won’t happen but u it what’s being said all over the media that the talks are really happening between those teams. Other GMs around the league expect the Celtics to make at least one big trade soon.

  2. bsteady powers

    He should. They won’t win a championship with Griffin

  3. bsteady powers

    What’s the rumor ?

    • Connorsoxfan

      That they’re strongly considering a Griffin trade. A 3 team deal involving Rudy Gay to the Clips and Griffin to Boston has really caught on. Framework was supposedly being discussed. Boston would supply almost all the other assets. Talk of Pierce returning to Boston in the deal, maybe JJ Redick.

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