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Kings To Rescind QO For Seth Curry

7:12pm: The Kings rescinded Curry’s offer so they could sign another veteran player, tweets James Ham of CSNCalifornia.

5:28pm: The Kings plan to rescind their qualifying offer for Seth Curry, making him an unrestricted free agent, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical. Curry would have made 1,215,696 under the offer

Curry developed into a rotational player for Sacramento this season, appearing in 44 games and starting nine. He averaged 6.8 points per night and shot 45% from 3-point range. He made $947,276 during 2015/16.

The Kings considered Curry expendable after they agreed to terms with free agent point guard Garrett Temple earlier today.

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25 thoughts on “Kings To Rescind QO For Seth Curry

  1. Chris815

    Wizards need to go get him now

  2. What in the world!!! why?

    • Z.....

      Guess they preferred Afflao and Temple in that similar role. Questionable, but I would expect Curry to probably cost more money than Temple, and Temple gives them a little more length? Afflalo gives them a more known commodity, I’d guess

  3. Z.....

    would be crazy if Seth ends up making more than Steph this year, but its totally possible. We’ve seen similar guys get in the $8-13 million range per. He finally got a chance, and showed that it should have happened earlier. Combo guard, plays good defense, and then obviously, he can really shoot it. When he came in the league, it was a negative thing to be a guy thats too small to be a 2, but cant be a primary PG, but that isnt how it is now. Really interested to see where he ends up

  4. I see New Orleans making a run at him.

    • Portland and Charlotte, too.

      • Z.....

        I was thinking Mavs and Charlotte

  5. antlost

    Who thinks he will fit with the 76ers?

    • Bobby Sweet

      Too much talent to be a Sixer. He might win them a couple of games and cost them the number one pick.

  6. Gucci7383

    Lakers we need a back up point/shooting guard

  7. cjh815

    Wizard like said Burke is ok but they need three point guards and with John mite mite be ready bye start of season he give them very good back up and when he back give them 3 point shutter they need I’ve watch him for long time I love guys game he is good as his brother with out the coverage . Wizards steal need do more once again NBA is in trouble with all the disrespect that has shown to one of to best back courts in the game. And with them both health watch out . Say this again eastern conference final. Boston is it better then wizards even with horford. Indiana is better but Teague is not better the wall and Jefferson is past his prime with back problems not good combination. And wizards have shown they can beat Toronto in play offs and when you look bald to last season . With how every thing went against them and they still spite the season series with the cavs . Like Said eastern conference final. And fact a full season with Morris and Gortat have to oaky with each other and we got real coach . Porter has gotten better each year . Eastern conference finals

    • The playoffs and regular season are completely different. I don’t know the regular season records but I doubt the Cavs swept the Pistons and Hawks in the regular season…and I know they got swept by the Warriors so regular season record means almost nothing (outside of home court advantage) once playoffs start. Boston with Horford is in fact better than the Wizards. With Indiana…Teague isn’t better than Wall I agree, but Paul George is much better than Wall and was able to carry the team into the playoffs (unlike Wall). And Toronto got beat by the Wizards thanks to Paul Pierce (who is now in LA) and the fact that they choke in almost every playoff series, but they are also still better than the Wizards.

      • Also the Heat (assuming they keep Wade and Bosh is healthy) are better than the Wizards. So that’s five teams (the Cavs being the obvious fifth team that is better) that are better than the Wizards. I’d also argue that the Pistons are just as good, if not better than the Wizards, mainly because they actually made the playoffs last year but also because Stan Van Gundy seems to finally have the roster he wants.

  8. noahflesh

    Does anyone think the Warriors will scoop him up?? I’m surprised nobody’s said anything

    • Z.....

      with what money? Plus, I’ve heard he doesnt want to play with the Warriors specifically. He was also there previously, and I’ve heard that the fact they didnt like him bothered him

      • kylewait89

        If the Warriors have room for Durant, wouldn’t they have room for a lesser player?

        • Z.....

          they would just keep Barnes if they dont get KD….

    • Michigan Dodger Fan

      I thought he was with he warriors for a bit before heading to Sacramento? Also not sure they have room, with barbosa and Livingston filling the bench guard roles

      • kylewait89

        Barbosa is currently a FA so it is possible they go another route but that will likely come down to who is cheaper. I think two years ago when they dropped him it made sense with who they had. Now with Barbosa a FA along with Rush and Clark there is actually room for him.

    • Seth Curry has actually said he didn’t really like playing on the same team as Steph. I don’t know if there is an underlying issue or if some of the other guys thought he only had a roster spot because of Steph, but it might be that he doesn’t want all the media talking about him and Steph playing together.

  9. Z.....

    wonder who the player they’re going to sign is. What does he mean by “all over the board”

    • Z.....

      guess the Barnes signing answers that

      • kylewait89

        They signed Garrett Temple over Curry, not Barnes.

        • Z.....

          I know, but the Temple deal happened well before. This was simply a reply to the report that came out right before Matt Barnes signed

  10. kylewait89

    Would have preferred they go after Curry than sign an unknown who may be about as effective. I’m happy they are at least making moves but they are bringing in some, guys that might help and others that you know are there for the paycheck.

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