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Latest On LaMarcus Aldridge, Spurs

On Tuesday, we rounded up a handful of reports which suggested that the possibility of a LaMarcus Aldridge trade during the 2016/17 season isn’t out of the question. According to those reports, Aldridge isn’t believed to be entirely happy with his situation in San Antonio, and the team is open to the idea of moving him.

Just as Tuesday’s Rudy Gay trade rumor resulted in several follow-up and reaction pieces, which we passed along this morning, the Aldridge whispers have led to some additional reporting. Let’s check in on the highlights…

  • Spurs sources tell Jeff McDonald and Jabari Young of The San Antonio Express-News that no trade talks involving Aldridge have occurred with any team. Of course, none of Tuesday’s reports claimed that San Antonio had actually engaged in trade discussions yet.
  • According to the Express-News duo, league sources believe the Spurs will be tempted to gauge Aldridge’s value on the trade market if the season unexpectedly goes south. The Spurs are still expected to play out the season with their core intact, but might have a change of plans if they don’t feel like a championship is within reach.
  • While the Spurs may not be looking to trade Aldridge, the honeymoon period of the marriage is “clearly over,” writes Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders. Kyler hears that Aldridge’s role as Kawhi Leonard‘s wingman may be a source of frustration for the ex-Blazer, since he signed in San Antonio expected to be the primary guy. Still, according to Kyler, no one believes the situation is “combustible” at this point, even if Aldridge’s long-term future in San Antonio isn’t entirely clear.
  • If Aldridge isn’t happy in San Antonio, where he’s making north of $20MM per year for a 67-win team, that doesn’t reflect well on him, says Sean Deveney of The Sporting News. However, Deveney notes that the big man hasn’t publicly expressed any dissatisfaction at all.
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7 thoughts on “Latest On LaMarcus Aldridge, Spurs

  1. Joe Love

    I remember LA was reported as ‘aloof’ during the Brandon Roy Blazers days… then it emerged that ‘story’ was based entirely on a BBQ invite snub.

    To me, this is vultures swooping down on a franchise in the first stage of mourning its ethos embodying star player’s departure.

    Upon signing, LaMarcus stated repeatedly that he knew Leonard was ‘the man’.

    No way an organisation as esteemed as the Spurs let’s resentment, ill-feeling and undefined roles creep into its makeup.

    • KingRoyaltee

      I totally agree. This story just doesnt make any sense the way it is snowballing.

      I wish all these journalist will start being responsible and named their “sources”. It gets ridiculous.

      Oh by the way, I have a source that said Lebron will be playing overseas next season.

      Now I’ve been validated cuz I have a source. I dont have to take responsibility for quotes. My source said it, not me!

      • It would be irresponsible for the journalist to name their source. US law allows reporter’s privilege. For all we know the source could be from within the Spurs organization and revealing his/her name could very well cost them their job.

        • DarkGhost

          Exactly that’s why on ESPN and all other major sports outlets the reporters always say “my sources are telling me” or “sources from inside the organization have revealed to me”

          First off the reporter that names his sources isn’t a reporter that gets inside info

          Second Most sources don’t want there names revealed because it will causes major backlash or their job.

          • KingRoyaltee

            My thing is that once one reporter use the “my sources” then other reporters jump on the bandwagon with even more information from their “sources” all of a sudden. I really dont believe this story to be true at all. Especially a player who will be taking almost 20 shots per game making max money. Where were these rumors when he was off to a slow start. Now sources tell us this even goes back to Brandon Roy! Cmon! Its a non story thats snowballing. Someone could log on to this site and use this platform as a “source”.

            And aside from Warriors having the best regular season record ever, The Spurs would had the best record in the NBA.

            Something about this story isn’t adding up, at least thats what my sources say.

  2. Ernest

    It only makes sense to actually trade him because the Spurs, as you can see, are trying to find those young guys that can develop there skills while veteran players such as Tony and Manu are still here! When they do end up eventually retiring we won’t have to go deep into rebuilding mode like other teams are around the league but instead have young players ready to contribute!
    Btw let me know what trades would be interesting to see!

  3. Douglas

    I lived in Portland and I can say that LA was aloof. He upset his team mates on more then one occasion. He was always saying something and do another. I liked LA but he was the type that you always had to work extra hard to keep in the mix or you might have him leave the team and fly during a playoff series and fly separate from the team when you want a tight group. He has his issues but nothing major as long as you cater to him. He didn’t like the fact the media said Lillord was it. He figured after Roy that he should have been it but when given the opportunity to take over that role as the go to guy he would defer.

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