Assessing Stocks: Chicago Bulls

Portfolio Review: The Chicago Bulls are veritable billionaires in terms of roster quality. Third on ESPN's future power rankings (Insider required), the Bulls are young, deep, and talented. Furthermore, their success hinges greatly on the chemistry established by reigning MVP Derrick Rose and head coach Tom Thibodeau. The Bulls lack the sheer star power of the Miami Heat, but can close the gap through its defensive system.

That of course means any drastic roster change disrupts that chemistry, and as such the Bulls are amongst the most risk-averse teams during this season.

Prime assets: Rose is untouchable, one of the top five players in the NBA. That leaves Joakim Noah and Luol Deng as the prime trade chips with one caveat. The only deal worth disrupting the Bulls chemistry is one that lands a Dwight Howard-level talent. 

Worthless stock: Carlos Boozer has a large contract and enough flaws for other teams to think twice about taking on that contract. But worthless stock does not mean worthless player. In this case it simply means Boozer's value as a player on this roster probably exceeds what he would get in return in a potential trade. 

The rest: The rest of the roster features a number of interchangeable parts that fit specific roles on this team. Tweaking on the fringes of the roster would simply bring in other interchangeable parts. One interesting name brought up by our own Daniel Seco is Ray Allen for Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer–a move that would somewhat consolidate the two players' skill sets into one player. 

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4 thoughts on “Assessing Stocks: Chicago Bulls

  1. wsox05

    I want no part of Ray Allen, especially for Brewer and Korver. Allen looks like he can barely run this year.

    • baseball52

      Well, I’d take out Brewer and do it. Korver is trash.

  2. jwsox

    Boozer, omir, deng, bulls 2 first round picks( one from the bob cats) and a future first round pick for Howard and hediu. 3 picks a young center a good swing man and that veteran player the gm wants for Howard. OR. Noah, deng the two first round picks and a bother future first rounder, and the draft rights for Nikoli marotic( already won the euro MVP) for Howard and Richardson or hediu. Gives then again deng who would be hard to lose, a good young energy center who is solid on both sides and a potential impact powerforward/ small forward who is only 20 I believe.

    I change the first deal to omir, boozer, deng, the rights to marotic, and the 3 draft picks for Howard and either richardson or hediu. Then trade Noah some where for draft picks allowing taj to start.

    • jwsox

      Also if dwight does not resign the bulls will have 30 million to play around with this summer. What gm wouldn’t want 30 mill to build around rose.


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