Trade Candidate: Ray Allen

While hardly the same player who dominated the league with the SuperSonics for a decade, Ray Allen continues to be a steady starter on a team contending for a playoff spot. But with the Celtics looking at little more than a first-round playoff exit with a 14-12 record, the team must consider breaking up the Big Three in hopes of building for the future. If the team were to entertain trading one of their most prominent players, it would seemingly be Allen's name that would come up the most in trade talks given Kevin Garnett's erratic production and a general unwillingness by the Celtics to deal Paul Pierce.

Both Allen, 36, and Garnett, 35 will become unrestricted free agents at the end of the 2011/2012 season. But with Garnett currently earning $21MM this season, Allen's $10MM becomes more movable even though both players have expiring contracts. Beyond simply acquiring payroll flexibility at the end of the season, Allen would potentially provide a playoff contender with a strong veteran presence who could provide a boost both on and off the court. 

Allen has averaged just over 20 PPG in his illustrious career but that number has dropped to 14.8 PPG this season to go with 2.7 APG, a figure close to what he has averaged during his tenure with the Celtics. Taking the 14.8 PPG at face-value would be doing Allen a disservice as a closer look at his numbers reveals a season of increased efficiency. With a 49.2 FG% and shooting over 50% on threes, Allen is well above his career average marks, making the shortened 2011/2012 season one of his finest in a Celtics uniform. 

Health would not be a concern for a team acquiring Allen via trade as he has started at least 73 games in each of the past four seasons. After injuries plagued him during his Seattle days, Allen corrected his diet to better fit the demands of playing an 82-game NBA schedule. Thanks to a healthier diet in combination with an improved exercise regimen created in concert with the Celtics training staff, Allen is on path to start in 98% of the Celtics' games for a third consecutive season.

If put on the trade block, many playoff contenders, including the Bulls, would seemingly consider putting together a package for the former UConn Husky. While Richard Hamilton has played at an acceptable level since signing with the Bulls this offseason, his health concerns remain an issue as he has missed more than half of his team's games. At worst, the addition of Allen would give the Bulls one of the deepest backcourts in the NBA and perhaps push for more out of Hamilton once he returns from injury.

The Bulls could offer two young-ish players to the Celtics in return for Allen. According to ESPN's NBA Trade Machine, a trade of Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer for Allen works on paper and would net the Bulls three additional wins. The trade would provide Brewer the opportunity to start for the Celtics and for Korver to provide depth behind Pierce, but would lead to three additional losses for the Celtics.

While adding Allen to the Bulls may put them in prime position to challenge the Heat for the right to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals, time remains for the Celtics to better predict the course of their season. At 14-12, a string of wins could quickly lead to the Celtics being buyers rather than sellers come March. Similarly, a weak finish heading into All-Star Weekend could start the chatter about where Allen may finish the season.

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21 thoughts on “Trade Candidate: Ray Allen

  1. Conjecture101

    Trading Ray Allen would be a mistake. The most glaring market inefficiencies in today’s NBA are;
    a)the undervaluing of players who excel in playoff situations
    b) the undervaluing of players who perform nuanced roles for their respective teams(specific to that team)

    The league’s regular season is a completely insufficient data sample for evaluating NBA player’s, particularly 2011-2012 with the amount of back to back games. With that in mind, Ray Allen has a lot more value to the Celtics than he does to other teams. To trade him to the Bulls would simply be asinine. The Celtics team as currently constructed has a legitimate chance to defeat Chicago in a 7 game series.

    In addition, the factors in Allen’s statistical decline from Seattle to Boston can not be quantified. While most people assume that his statistical decline reveals a player with diminishing skills and effectiveness, they have not considered the infinite variables that go along with adjusting to reduced responsibility. If a coach like Doc Rivers were to become an assistant coach, it would be impossible to gauge wether or not his head coaching abilities declined relative to his responsibility. If he excelled as an assistant coach, as Allen has as a role player, one could just as soon assume that his skills as a head coach remain, but are simply unnecessary for his role.

    • Vegandork

      “The Celtics team as currently constructed has a legitimate chance to defeat Chicago in a 7 game series”

      Man, I had to stop reading after that. Unless you have knowledge that D-Rose is injured way worse than advertized, there’s little to no chance that, even if the C’s make the playoffs (not guaranteed by any stretch), they take even one game from the Bulls.

  2. Stephen Courts

    Never trade Ray-Ray. He will retire a Celtic and go to the HOF as a Celtic. He is part of the fabric of not only the Celtics, but the Boston area. The classiest player in the NBA, period, end of story. I don’t care if we lose 3 more games. The non-sensical (sic) contract for KG is what limits the Celtics. He should have restructured his contract to allow the team to acquire better talent.

  3. marty

    love Ray Allen Viperlike shot, deadly from beyond the three great teammate, leader, and family man ……….. he is a real PRO

  4. Cusefanliman

    the Celtics should NEVER have traded PERK which weakened the bench dramatically
    The Big THREE (FOUR) are all super trading any will be sad…… KG is all heart & effort, Pierce is the go to guy, Ray Allen is steady, deadly shooter, and RHONDO is one quick son of a gun that fast break pass to Wilcox yesterday was a thing of Beauty

    • Dhezz Valencia

      I love Celtics and this trade rumors is really stressing me out specially hearing about Rondo trade is breaking me into pieces i just cant imagine if RONDO is playing to another team adding RAY,PIERCE & KG, I LOVE BIG4 just hoping they stay together and dont break them apart….

  5. Thayer Judith

    Wow! The nausea just keeps coming from the Celtics! Ray Allen? Really? If he must go, let him become a free agent! Ray-Ray? Really? You guys are whacked!

    • Stephen Courts

      This author is nuts! You are right on as just about everyone has written. I believe there is still hope for this team with Wilcox, Bass and look at Johnson. No one is guaranteed to be injury free. We would have at least one more title (2010) had Perk not gotten injured and perhaps 2009 had KG not been injured. This team is resilient and has heart, plus one of the alltime great NBA coaches in Doc. Stephen

  6. Ocramrud

    Jesus got game and ……the PRIDE !
    Don’ t touch Him ! Don’ t touch KG and The Captain too !

    Marco from IAC ( I Am a Celtic – Italy )

  7. Alysoncoglitore

    Ray Allen rules. He and Pierce and Garnet should never be traded. They are not cards or coins or stamps. They are the heart of the team.

  8. Angryhipster

    if ainge trade Ray for Korver and Brewer I, will findout where his family lives and burn the shit out of them

  9. Bobby T

    If they trade any of the not so big three, they need to trade to terrible teams that will give them high unconditional 1st round picks so they can build for their future. There is a Kentucky player they should be setting their eyes on. Don’t underestimate the Celtic bench, either.

  10. Whosyourdolly

    NEVA NEVA NEVA trade Ray Ray you dumkoff beans for brains….NO TRADING HIM or RONDO or PAUL or the BIG GUY [KG for short]….if you do you WILL BE SORRY…notta threat or nothin…just a TRUISM…

  11. Bobby T

    How can anyone intelligently judge whether trading players is a good idea without knowing what the Celtics would get for them? Hello? There is a player on Kentucky’s team that wearing green next year might be worth trading any of the big three for. Peirce is worth a couple of first round picks and a fair role player. Allen and Garnett together may be worth that Everyone whines about trading Perkins, but we still don’t know what the first round pick will bring to Boston, how good Green will be next year, and if Perkins gets injured again…
    I am excited about some of the new talent that the Celtics are slowly developing. Without Garnett’s and Allen’s big contracts next year should be an exciting one!

  12. Love the C's!

    Absolutely disagree with a Ray Allen trade. He is a legend for the Celtics and to let him go at the end of his career would be heartless and deeply affect the morale of fellow players and fans alike. Money should not rule the Celtics and who wouldn’t miss Ray and his supportive Mother in the stands. History and loyalty should prevail as he finshes a stellar career!

  13. Dhezz Valencia

    whoever start this trading rumors about the BIG4 is totally insane, Celtics is a family and im sure for breaking them will really effect them emotionally, I see how they treat each of one as a brother specially the BIG4… RONDO,RAY,KG and PIERCE should stay together….

  14. Cdseit

    NBA is business…. my comment and yours are all the same as a Celtic fans,we can not stop them of what they are thinking ( C’s management)..This is the only words i can say,Mr. D.A. you broke the heart of the Celtics fans since trading Perkins…..

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