2011/12 D-League Assignments And Recalls

The relationship NBA teams have to the D-League continues to evolve. It's a far cry from the intricate system of farm teams that baseball has, and the 16-team league has a ways to go before it grows large enough for every NBA team to have an affiliate. Still, in the D-League's 11th year, NBA teams have come to make liberal use of their ability to send players down for seasoning.  While the D-League also provides a haven for players seeking NBA contracts, this post focuses on those who already have NBA deals. Here is a team-by-team list of all the in-season D-League assignments and recalls this year.  

December 28: Send down Darington Hobson
January 4: Call up Darington Hobson
January 18: Send down Darington Hobson
February 1: Call up Darington Hobson 

January 4: Send down Christian Eyenga
January 23: Call up Christian Eyenga
January 26: Send down Luke Harangody
February 1: Call up Luke Harangody
March 6: Send down Luke Harangody
March 6: Send down Christian Eyenga
March 15: Call up Christian Eyenga
April 14: Call up Luke Harangody
April 15: Send down Luke Harangody
April 18: Call up Luke Harangody

January 26: Send down Eric Bledsoe
January 29: Call up Eric Bledsoe
March 2: Send down Travis Leslie
March 12: Call up Travis Leslie
March 29: Send down Travis Leslie
April 22: Call up Travis Leslie

January 1: Send down Hamed Haddadi
January 3: Call up Hamed Haddadi
February 13: Send down Josh Selby
February 27: Call up Josh Selby
March 26: Send down Josh Selby
March 31: Call up Josh Selby
April 5: Send down Josh Selby
April 9: Call up Josh Selby

March 18: Send down Xavier Henry
March 19: Call up Xavier Henry  

January 2: Send down Hassan Whiteside
January 2: Send down Tyler Honeycutt
January 24: Call up Tyler Honeycutt
February 3: Call up Hassan Whiteside

January 17: Send down Jeremy Lin
January 17: Send down Jerome Jordan
January 23: Call up Jerome Jordan
January 23: Call up Jeremy Lin
March 2: Send down Jerome Jordan
March 8: Call up Jerome Jordan
April 10: Send down Jerome Jordan
April 17: Call up Jerome Jordan

January 25: Send down Derrick Caracter
February 15: Send down Devin Ebanks
February 29: Call up Devin Ebanks
March 7: Send down Darius Morris
March 16: Send down Christian Eyenga
March 16: Call up Darius Morris
April 25: Call up Christian Eyenga

January 6: Send down Sean Williams
January 6: Send down Yi Jianlian
January 9: Call up Yi Jianlian
January 14: Send down Dominique Jones
January 23: Call up Dominique Jones
March 2: Send down Lamar Odom
March 3: Call up Lamar Odom
March 4: Call up Sean Williams
March 13: Send down Sean Williams
March 16: Call up Sean Williams
March 23: Send down Kelenna Azubuike
April 9: Call up Kelenna Azubuike

January 18: Send down Jordan Williams
January 29: Call up Jordan Williams  

January 3: Send down Jordan Hamilton
January 3: Send down Julyan Stone
January 10: Call up Julyan Stone
January 15: Call up Jordan Hamilton

March 11: Send down Vernon Macklin
April 9: Call up Vernon Macklin

January 4: Send down Solomon Alabi
January 22: Call up Solomon Alabi

January 2: Send down Marcus Morris
February 3: Send down Marcus Morris
February 9: Send down Greg Smith
February 19: Call up Greg Smith
February 20: Call up Marcus Morris
March 21: Send down Greg Smith 
March 30: Send down Malcolm Thomas
April 5: Send down Courtney Fortson
April 9: Call up Courtney Fortson
April 9: Call up Greg Smith

February 7: Send down Craig Brackins
March 2: Call up Craig Brackins

January 2: Send down Cory Joseph
January 2: Send down Gary Neal
January 3: Call up Gary Neal
January 11: Call up Cory Joseph
January 30: Send down Malcolm Thomas
March 3: Send down Cory Joseph
March 5: Send down T.J. Ford
March 6: Call up T.J. Ford
March 9: Call up Cory Joseph
March 20: Send down Cory Joseph  
April 25: Call up Cory Joseph

January 16: Send down Ryan Reid
February 6: Call up Ryan Reid
March 2: Send down Lazar Hayward
March 4: Call up Lazar Hayward
March 16: Send down Ryan Reid
March 17: Send down Lazar Hayward
March 18: Call up Lazar Hayward
March 24: Send down Reggie Jackson
March 25: Call up Reggie Jackson 

February 6: Send down Malcolm Lee
February 14: Call up Malcolm Lee
February 29: Send down Malcolm Lee
March 9: Call up Malcolm Lee  

Trail Blazers
January 4: Send down Armon Johnson
January 4: Send down Luke Babbitt
January 10: Call up Luke Babbitt
January 15: Call up Armon Johnson

January 26: Send down Chris Wright
February 6: Call up Chris Wright
February 27: Send down Jeremy Tyler
March 6: Call up Jeremy Tyler
March 24: Send down Chris Wright
April 4: Call up Chris Wright
April 10: Send down Chris Wright
April 16: Call up Chris Wright

January 1: Send down Hamady N'Diaye
January 30: Call up Hamady N'Diaye 

Pro Sports Transactions was used in the creation of this list.


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