How NCAA Success Translates To The NBA

With the Final Four set to be determined this weekend and many NBA teams gearing up for the draft, let's take a quick glance at how some players who've had success at the college level have stacked up in the pros. Below is a list of each player currently on an NBA roster who has won an NCAA championship, along with the player's NBA career PER in parentheses. As we can see, guiding your team to a college championship doesn't mean you're going to succeed in the NBA. There are a lot of good, but not great, players here, and Carmelo Anthony is likely the only true superstar talent on this list. He was the only one to play in the All-Star Game this season. So when you hear about a player's draft stock improving as his team advances through the tourney this week and next, take it with a grain of salt.  

Grant Hill, Duke 1991, 1992 (19.2)
Nazr Mohammed, Kentucky 1996, 1998 (15.5)
Mike Bibby, Arizona 1997 (16.1)
Jason Terry, Arizona 1997 (17.5)
Jamaal Magloire, Kentucky 1998 (13.5)
Richard Hamilton, Connecticut 1999 (16.7)
Jason Richardson, Michigan State 2000 (16.5)
Carlos Boozer, Duke 2001 (20.6)
Shane Battier, Duke 2001 (13.0)
Chris Duhon, Duke 2001 (11.0)
Mike Dunleavy, Duke 2001 (14.6)
Steve Blake, Maryland 2002 (11.3)
Chris Wilcox, Maryland 2002 (15.5)
Carmelo Anthony, Syracuse 2003 (20.2)
Hakim Warrick, Syracuse 2003 (15.7)
Ben Gordon, Connecticut 2004 (15.3)
Emeka Okafor, Connecticut 2004 (17.1)
Charlie Villanueva, Connecticut 2004 (16.4)
Raymond Felton, North Carolina 2005 (14.3)
Marvin Williams, North Carolina 2005 (13.7)
Corey Brewer, Florida 2006, 2007 (11.2)
Al Horford, Florida 2006, 2007 (18.1)
Joakim Noah, Florida 2006, 2007 (17.5)
Marreese Speights, Florida 2007 (16.6) 
Darrell Arthur, Kansas 2008 (13.2)
Mario Chalmers, Kansas 2008 (12.1)
Brandon Rush, Kansas 2008 (10.4)
Cole Aldrich, Kansas 2008 (13.4)
Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina 2009 (15.8)
Ty Lawson, North Carolina 2009 (17.5)
Wayne Ellington, North Carolina 2009 (9.2)
Ed Davis, North Carolina 2009 (15.0)
Danny Green, North Carolina 2009 (14.1)
Nolan Smith, Duke 2010 (7.1)
Lance Thomas, Duke 2010 (11.5)
Kemba Walker, Connecticut 2011 (15.4)

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5 thoughts on “How NCAA Success Translates To The NBA

  1. now take all the people that have lost in final four, mainly from ucla:
    Jordan Farmar
    Russell Westbrook
    Kevin Love
    Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
    Ryan Hollins
    Darren Collison
    Aaron Afflalo
    and i am sure i am forgetting some.

    • K-Hopp

      You mean Alfred Aboya and Lorenzo Mata didn’t make the NBA?!!!

  2. Xrxs1020

    How much effort would if have required to spell out whatever the heck “PER” is supposed to mean?


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