Rockets Acquire Derek Fisher

The Rockets have acquired Derek Fisher from the Lakers in exchange for Jordan Hill, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle (on Twitter). Houston also receives the first-round pick in the Lakers acquired from Dallas in December's Lamar Odom trade, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

While the Lakers ended up moving both of their 2012 first-rounders in this trade and today's Ramon Sessions deal, they were able to upgrade their roster and improve their future cap situation. Fisher and Luke Walton were both under contract for multiple years, while Hill and Sessions could both come off the books at season's end.

The Rockets will explore a buyout, but could use the point guard depth for the time being with Kyle Lowry out, tweets Wojnarowski.

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35 thoughts on “Rockets Acquire Derek Fisher

  1. Table

    Hill is good. I could see him developing into a double double capable 6th man.

  2. Evan Olson

    Now without the contracts of Fisher and Walton, that gives the Lakers more room to sign a big free agent in the off season.

    • Bro.Rufus

      we still over the cap for next year, Fisher and Walton only accounted for 10 million total, we like 17 million over, plus pay increases kick in next year for Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum…smh. i like the team as it sits…the guy from Cleveland (Christian E.), he’ll be the sleeper in these deals, I REALLY LIKE HIS GAME AND ATHLETICISM!

  3. Houston loses thabeet, flynn, hill 2nd pick
    Gain Fisher camby, 1st pick
    not too bad of a haul

  4. jwsox

    finding anyone to take fisher had to be hard….hill is still only 24 and will be a solid 6th man for the lakers…

    • Chickmagnet910

      Yea hes decent and its not an awful trade by any means…just stunning

  5. Bradbizzel33

    Wow!! How could u trade fisher!! And you jst got Raymond would have worked good together even with Blake.

    • Chickmagnet910

      your 3rd pg plays like maybe 2-5 minutes a game tops so why keep all 3 and pay a high luxury tax?

  6. M Guardado

    hell yeah houston didnt make any big trades but they made same really smart ones

  7. Langoeh2

    Jordan hill is young he won’t be in la long they will prolly deal him out

  8. Cfroskee88

    Its good they needed to deal both of them. They havent produced in a year or so.

  9. Vin Steezul

    people don’t like this trade, but I do. bolster that front court again like the odom days, for the slower paced playoff style. they had Murphy and McRoberts as their only big men. Now they have Hill who can slide over and play some center as well. Beasley would have been better, but this is not a bad move. Im tired of seeing Fisher get beat by every single point guard off the dribble. WE WILL MISS YOU FISH! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT YEARS!

  10. el diablito

    This is BS!! DFish should have retired a Laker. What happened to Steve Blake to Portland for Beasley?

  11. Spidur938

    I like all the deals. Love Derek but let’s be real his ability to guard and shoot had began to dwindle. You bring in a younger and quicker guard and unload some non productive players off the bench. Would love to see them pursue Trevor Ariza and or Jamal Crawford again if we can no longer get Beasley to beef up the bench. Go Lakers.

  12. Rv72392

    Gonna miss Fisher. Sad to see him go. But its new time in Laker Land and we have to be optimistic and look towards the future. Hopefully Jordan Hill and Sessions pan out this year as we can win the title. Had to give up Fisher but we got some front court depth! GO LAKERS!!! Gonna miss you D-Fish! THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORIES! THAT 0.4 SHOT VS THE SPURS WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE!

  13. Alanharris247

    Fish you’ve been the heart and soul of the Lakers for ever. Even with Kobe and Shaq childish dramas you kept this team together. I know time is catching up. Heck me being plagued by injuries I’m not as old but you amaze and amaze us. I’d love to see you come back as our coach one day. Your a Laker for Life! Not sure about trade it’s always money and money. Don’t hate us. You and Kobe our bigger than you and Shaq that I’ll always know. And no more leeeeewwwee. We will miss you to Luke. Hope your career picks up but your still a Laker! Bye Guys I Hope Jordan,Christian and Ramon our ready it’s win our bust! This ones for Kobe and all our lost and retired Lakers. I would have lived to see Ariza and Odom back! Oh well miss y’all and I Love La!

  14. Msdnicety

    I think this was a Good trade but sorry to see fish go he will be missed. Im glad Lakers kept their bigs as i knew they would. Now its time to go to work. Dont worry laker fans it might not make since now but you watch Kobe not going to have to shoot so much and the bench will be way better. They cleared up cap space to go after an elite PG like D-Will or CP3 remember they contracts are up in 2013. Im pleased. Now Mike Brown has to get rhe offense going and spread the floor. Lets go Lakers.

  15. 04alvear

    Smart move lakers! Good pic ups with out messing up are twin towers . Championship for the purple and gold.

  16. Omarnasertheleo

    O ! M ! G ! WTF ! This is BS ! Dereks been w/ the Lakers 4EVER ! He should have HIS SAY in this UNKOSHER TRADE ! As HUGE of a Laker fan n Kobe fan iam n i love my Laker boyz ! Mr. Kobe bein Lakers captain ! shud step in n PROTECT his boy Derek n say smthin n speak up n do his job n responsibility as CAPTAIN !!!! •_•

  17. Dfg234

    Lakers are soliciting for a new towel boy with Walton gone… Starting wage wont be 6 mil amymore though!

  18. Dfg234

    Job description: Swing towel above head after big plays and high fives during timeouts (optional).

  19. James Samuel

    i keep seeing people say “fisher should have some say” why? he was under contract players get traded how can you watch sports and make comments like that? fisher never was, and certainly isn’t now, a great player. I like the guy but I mean the New York Knicks traded Patrick Ewing to the Seatlle Supersonics. Which player do you think had a bigger impact on their franchise? that is just one example. people need to have some perspective. i honestly think these 2 trades give the lakers a MUCH better chance to win a championship this year i don’t understand lakers fans frustration.

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