Phil Jackson Set To Return, Not With Magic

Former Lakers coach Phil Jackson was interested in the possibility of joining the Magic's front office for the past few days but bowed out late this afternoon, writes Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel.  Magic CEO Alex Martins was formally presented on Wednesday with a scenario involving Jackson by Sam Vincent, who played for the Magic and Jackson.  Ultimately, however, the former coach will be re-joining the NBA with an unknown club in an unknown capacity.

"It drew some interest from Phil," Vincent said. "But in the end, Phil decided to go with another opportunity."

Vincent said that Jackson gave him the impression that he doesn't want to coach anymore, though the Magic scenario would have installed him in a front office capacity.  With Orlando, Jackson would have been either the team president/general manager or a consultant.

According to Vincent, Jackson was intrigued enough by the idea that he and another intermediary were planning to visit Jackson's home in Montana to speak with him.  If the talks went well, they would have next approached Dwight Howard.  The intermediary was a former All-Star player and Hall of Famer who would have been installed as the team's next coach and mentored by Jackson as he had no prior coaching experience.  Schmitz does not divulge the would-be coach's name as he is currently an employee of another team.


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43 thoughts on “Phil Jackson Set To Return, Not With Magic

  1. Hector Cortes

    That’s a shame Jackson would of been a great mind to have in the front office and probably would of picked Brain Shaw as the coach of the Magic (since he’s a protege of Jackson’s from there Laker days).

  2. omnipotent_juan

    Jackson will be back in Bobcats, proving he can build a franchise with zero chance of even going to playoffs. Ask MJ.

      • omnipotent_juan

        But then again, we know Phil, he won’t be going down a loser, as his specialty of being a coach to transform contenders 2 steps behind being a champion into a champion is his safe place. Maybe we are up to the challenge of turning around the franchise but maybe he doesn’t. Like MJ said, “Maybe you are just making excuses. (Phil)” :)

  3. Ghanem77

    Of course he will only coach superstars who make his life easier. Wait until okc is knocked out of the playoffs and their coach’s ass fired. Jackson is a jackass – he’ll make okc win a championship next year, just like he did with MJ, Shaq & co

  4. GolfNut

    Phil–Come back as Lakers GM, and dont listen to Jim Buss on anything–hes a blithering idiot. Kinda like Tommy Boy.

  5. Jonathan Moseley Sr

    It’s in Phil’s blood to lead and to make players believe & perform. Front office suits him better than the travel, egos and grind of a NBA season.

    • LAinVA

      This is a mystery…all the teams were mentioned have coaches with iron clad contracts except Charlotte. MJ and Phil together again, WOW! But the mystery is, who is the Hall of Fame/All Star that would be the HCIC? Hmmm…..

    • KnowWhere

      Uh, last I checked Kerr was not A) working for a current team B) an all star and C) a hall of famer.

      Back to the drawing board for you Zeke

      • Zeke44

        OK, but he was a 5-time All Star, and could be consulting with a team – we don’t know for sure. So, who is it going to be? MJ, or better still, Kareem. Kareem is a cerebral guy, and Phil is a cerebral guy. I think that they would make a good team. Isiah Thomas is also a possibility, but I think Phil might like Kareem since they worked together when Phil was with the Lakers. But, if I’m wrong again, who’s would it have been?

  6. Akidnameddanny

    Plz the Lakers isn’t a possibility for Phil after he won 5 championship with them come on dawg

  7. Linda Singleton

    I hope he goes to the Laker front office. I think I read after the last season’s playoffs that there was a possibility that he would be interested in that. Phil is quiet and you never know what he is going to do, but I know Jeannie Buss would not be too happy for him going to the competition. They need a voice of expertise, know-how and reason in the Laker front office, and I am hoping that Jerry Buss would have the good sense to get him back and Jeannie with enough power over him to insist. That would be a great day!

    • Saintjeanglobal

      Phil Jackson’s heart is in LA and Phil Jackson is in our hearts!

      • Mavs fan

        Real heart is in Chicago that is we’re he made a name for him self and cultivated the best player ever to dribble a basketball.

  8. Cshrader724

    Phil please come back to YOUR LAKER LEGACY……..We need you and Jim Buss needs to set aside his ego and give Mitch the help he needs to continue for this Franchise to get back to another and more CHAMPIONSHIPS…..Dr Buss you need to get INVOLVED !!!!!!

  9. Ian Cbastian

    I think he will sign with the Heat because he realized that Lebron could go down as the most physically gifted nba player of all-time but still could not get a ring!

    • shelia

      That is xactly why he will sign with the HEAT because he can push LEBRON to
      being the mostgifted NBA player of all times, Phil Jackson would love to see his
      work through LEBRON, I think Lebron has onlybeen scracthing the surface with
      Phil Jackson as a coach,the real LEBRON JAMES will SHINE.

  10. Bruce

    Phil’s not crazy. Laker situation is a mess with too many dysfunctional and uncoachable players

  11. Saintjeanglobal

    Linda, millions of Angelenos share your hope — Phil Jackson is LA!!!

  12. Kobefan24

    Come back to the Lakers and trade Ebanks and 8.9 mil trade exception6 for Ariza and amnesty MWP and trade Blake for cash!

    PG: Ramon Sessions
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Trevor Ariza
    PF: Pau Gasol
    C: Andrew Bynum
    6th: Lamar Odom

    2009 all over again.

    • Vasp99

      Ramon Sessions as a pg will not get the Lakers another ring. Send Bynum to Boston for Rondo, switch Gasol to #5 and as a second option and get Milsap as a power forward. Bring Ariza and LO back. Amnesty MWP and go after Beasley. Give Goudelock a chance behind Kobe as we need somone with a long distance range that can hit. With that lineup Kobe will have a strong chance for his 6th ring.

      • LAinVA

        Man! You almost hit the nail on the head. We would still be playing if we had Derek Fisher. There is nothing wrong with the Lakers’ BIGS, they needed a PG like Rondo or D-Will or Nash that can get them the ball when they are in position to score. Pau and Drew had to create their own shots and that’s never going to work. If we keep Sessions, he’d better stay in Magic’s extra bedroom and learn from one of the best before next season or the Lakers’ will fail again. I say get LO back and if you get reset and get Ariza back for MWP PLEASE DO IT!

  13. Mannybarroso

    Phil is so blessed having superstars on his champion teams. Michael and Scottie on Chicago Bulls as well as Pau and Kobe on the LA Lakers. How about coaching Knicks of other teams without superstars. It would be lucky for Lebron to get a ring in the absence of Chris.

  14. Voodoochild

    Phil will be heading to New York. So don’t get your hopes up high about a return to the Lakers.

  15. Drjd_28119

    Iove the idea and tht’s what our Lakers need Phil back in control, makes great sense to me and wat a way to finish out.

    • shelia

      If Phil Jackson went to the Miami Heat they will get mentally tougher , and besides if he does coach he will only coach the BEST ,which Miami has two of the best similar to
      Micheal Jordan and Scottie Pippen style, There you go LEBRON JAMES and

  16. Kidwai

    Phil our hearts are aready broken and sad at the Lakers performance this season.Please dont add to it by joing another yeam.I hope you will remain a Laker till the end.its like Kobe going to another team.It was already hard to see Derrick Fisher in another teams uniform and playing for a team that killed us now nomore Phil going anywhere else please.

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