Williams, Brand Hope To Remain With Sixers

Although one player has more agency than the other when it comes to deciding his future, both Lou Williams and Elton Brand would like to remain with the 76ers next season, according to an Associated Press report.

Williams, 25, has an early termination option worth $5.35MM for 2012/13. Even if he opts out of his deal, as he's expected to, he could negotiate a new deal and return to Philadelphia, and his comments suggest that will likely be something he explores.

"If I was a betting man, I think I would be back," Williams said. "Obviously, it comes down to a deal, but I don’t think that will be the hard part. This is home for me. I feel wanted here. I hope the feeling is mutual."

Brand, meanwhile, won't necessarily have the same decision-making freedom. Like Williams, he has an ETO for 2012/13, but his salary for next season will be about $18.16MM, making it a no-brainer to opt in. That doesn't mean he'll be back in Philadelphia though, as his exorbitant salary would make the veteran forward a likely amnesty candidate. Brand understands that the team could decide he isn't part of its future, but he hopes to play at least one more year with the Sixers.

"I want to be here, absolutely," Brand said, adding that if it's over, "I definitely loved my time here."

If Williams and Brand both waive their early termination options and opt into the final year of their respective deals, the Sixers would have nearly $56MM in salary committed to seven players. However, as we heard this weekend, major changes could be made to the team's roster in the coming weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Williams, Brand Hope To Remain With Sixers

  1. Hope Williams stays,wouldn’t mind having Brand back at a lower salary if that’s possible.You still need some veterans around to stabalize the younger guys.

  2. Aaron Poole

    I agree, Williams is a key part of the 76ers success. Brand would be great as a role player at this point, not worth $18.16 million that is for sure.

    More than anything, I would like to thank the 76ers for putting forth a great effort this year. We were all very proud of you!


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