Wojnarowski On Nets, Davis, Deron Williams, D12

The 13 teams involved in tonight's NBA draft lottery may be dreaming of Anthony Davis, but according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, landing Davis won't necessarily be enough for the Nets to re-sign Deron Williams. Here are the details from the Yahoo! scribe….

  • Williams likely wouldn't want to wait for Davis to develop, since he's only interested in re-signing with the Nets if they can become an instant contender.
  • A league source who has spoken to Williams told Wojnarowski that it's "Dwight Howard or bust" for Williams in Brooklyn. The point guard has been "unmoved" by other potential trade or free agent scenarios for the Nets that don't involve Howard.
  • The Nets would be willing to include Davis in a deal for Howard if they were to win the draft lottery.
  • Howard regrets waiving his early termination option and is hoping to be traded before next season, according to Wojnarowski. However, Brooklyn becomes a far less desirable destination for him if Williams doesn't re-sign, so his camp is applying pressure on the Magic to make a deal sooner rather than later.
  • The Magic don't want to go through another year of D12 drama, so the organization's preference is to move Howard for the best possible deal. However, the new GM will be given some freedom to explore all potential scenarios involving the star center, whether that means trading him or trying to extend him.


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5 thoughts on “Wojnarowski On Nets, Davis, Deron Williams, D12

  1. BrickTops

    I could see the Rockets trading for Howard on a 1 year deal and then signing D Will with the hopes that Howard would stay with him. Rockets definitely have the Cap Space and trade assets

    • Thefinalcut43

      I can’t see a player on Houston’s roster that the Magic would want as a centerpiece for a Dwight Howard trade. Houston has some compelling pieces…but nothing significant enough to bring them the best center in the league.

      • BrickTops

        Draft picks galore, Kyle Lowry, Martin, and Scola. That would get it done.

        • lakers offer bynum and future picks and it trumps that offer easily, plus the Magicwouldn’t have to absorb the contracts of martin and scola

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