Amico On Bobcats, Lakers, Wizards, Hawks

We're tracking most of today's draft rumors right here, but the latest column from Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio has a few too many tidbits and rumors to condense it to a single bullet point. Amico's piece has draft-related updates on the Lakers, Hawks, Wizards, and more, so let's round up all the pertinent info below….

  • If the Bobcats keep the No. 2 pick, Thomas Robinson looks like the frontrunner. If Charlotte selects Bradley Beal, it's safe to assume a trade is in the works.
  • The Lakers are "exploring all kinds of potential deals" and are willing to move Metta World Peace for a late first-rounder. Considering how recently World Peace was considered an amnesty candidate, I'm not sure how realistic a possibility that is.
  • If the Cavaliers move up to No. 2 to snag Beal, the Lakers are interested in a deal involving the Wizards' No. 3 pick, which could include Pau Gasol and Andray Blatche. This one seems awfully far-fetched to me, but it's something to keep in mind.
  • Trade talks between the Rockets and Kings "seem to be serious."
  • New Hawks GM Danny Ferry is expected to try to package a player with the No. 23 pick to move up in the draft.
  • The Nets, Knicks, and Bobcats all have some interest in acquiring a pick in the 20s, while the Grizzlies (No. 25), Heat (No. 27), and Warriors (No. 30) are all open to moving their late-first rounders.


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