Williams Unlikely To Add Rockets To Wish List

The Rockets appear to be stockpiling assets in an effort to make a run at Dwight Howard via trade and Deron Williams via free agency. But would Williams be open to signing with the Rockets? A recent report suggested that he has narrowed his options to the Nets and Mavericks, and SI.com's Sam Amick hears from a source close to Williams that even if the Rockets acquired Howard, Houston is not likely to be added to D-Will's free agent wish list.

Williams has long been rumored to have interest in teaming up with Howard, but it appears he'd rather do so in Brooklyn, where he can sign a five-year max-salary deal, or in Dallas, his hometown. Even if the Rockets were to acquire D12, there's no guarantee that the star center would stick around more than a year, since he's set to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Bill Ingram and Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld reported earlier today that while Houston's ideal scenario this offseason involves pairing Williams and Howard, Plan B consists of trying to trade for Howard and another star, such as Rudy Gay or Josh Smith.


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6 thoughts on “Williams Unlikely To Add Rockets To Wish List

  1. itispossible!

    that could always change….especially if the cap goes to $62m like i read last year it might. if the rockets amnesty turk, who is almost a sure bet to go with howards it frees up a ton of money. offer scola and 1st rounder(#18 if they still ahve it after howard trade) to the lakers for gasol and goudelock. sign camby to a multi-year deal starting at $3m and going up slightly each year. sign lee to a 3 year deal for a cheap as you can. trade dragic and morris to boston for ray allen in sign n trade $5m a year for 2 years and a 3rd option year. talk williams into signing a multi-year deal with the understanding dwight will resign too, start both deals in the $14-15m and going up. sign brandon roy to a small $ deal with an option for a 2nd year. sign arenas to a vet min 1 year deal, him and dwight are buddies. sign sean williams, micheal redd and andre nocioni to vet min deals

    C: howards-camby-smith
    PF: gasol-patterson-williams
    SF: lee-parsons-nocioni
    SG: allen-roy-redd
    PG: williams-arenas-goudelock

    • itisNOTpossible!

      lets list the flaws with your idea

      1. you cant amnesty a player you acquire in a trade.
      2. it would take more then scola and a 1st for gasol and goudelock
      3. lee is going to cost at least 5 mil a year
      4. williams has said he is only going to mavs or nets
      5. roy will sign with a contending team not the rockets
      6. rockets wont sign sean williams, michael redd, and andre nocioni to vet minimum.

      • ifyousayso

        thank you Nostradamus!

        1. not sure if thats true or not
        2. says you…lakers may like the idea of saving $10m and adding a 1st rounder while also getting back a pretty good PF
        3. he’s restricted, he may not even get an offer from another team and if thats the case he’ll be playing for $3.2m
        4. you’ve never changed your mind before? if teh rockets got howard, gasol and allen, im pretty sure he’d reconsider.
        5. same as deron williams….
        6. why not? how do you know? do you run the rockets?
        7. you wife would like to know if its going to rain today, the lottery numbers and if she’s allowed to go to her friends house tonight

        • RFsnapple

          3. Lee is will be wanted by a lot of teams this season A young, athletic guard whose shown he can score isn’t coming back cheap.

          Those are some serious pipe dreams dude. I think Lee will be back but I don’t even think they get Howard.

    • dc21892

      Keep dreaming. All that ego and not enough playing time is all I see going on. Plus, that would cost way more than the Rockets have to spend.


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