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When the NBA introduced the amnesty clause in the 2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement, it could only be used in the summer of ’05. However, when the league and players’ union reached an agreement on the new CBA in 2011, the amnesty provision was modified to allow teams to use it in any of the next five offseasons.

You can read more about how the amnesty provision works in our Hoops Rumors glossary entry, but the purpose of this post is to track which teams have used the amnesty clause to date, and which teams still have it in their back pockets. You can find this tracker at any time on the right sidebar under “Hoops Rumors Features.”

Here’s how the amnesty landscape currently looks:

76ers: Elton Brand (2012; One year, $18,160,355)
Bulls: Carlos Boozer (2014; One year, $16,800,000)
Bobcats Tyrus Thomas (2013; Two years, $18,082,645)
Bucks: Drew Gooden (2013; Two years, $13,374,800)
Cavaliers: Baron Davis (2011; Two years, $28,650,000)
Celtics: Unused
Clippers: Ryan Gomes (2012; One year, $4,000,000)
: Unused
Heat: Mike Miller (2013; Two years, $12,800,000)
Jazz: Unused
Knicks: Chauncey Billups (2011; One year, $14,200,000)
Lakers: Metta World Peace (2013; One year, $7,727,280)
Magic: Gilbert Arenas (2011; Three years, $62,423,766)
Mavericks: Brendan Haywood (2012; Four years, $37,743,000)
Nets: Travis Outlaw (2011; Four years, $28,000,000)
: Chris Andersen (2012; Two years, $9,344,000)
Pacers: James Posey (2011; One year, $7,595,600)
Pelicans: Unused
Pistons: Unused
Raptors: Linas Kleiza (2013; One year, $4,600,000)
Rockets: Luis Scola (2012; Three years, $20,632,829)
Spurs: Unused
Suns: Josh Childress (2012; Three years, $21,000,000)
Thunder: Unused
Timberwolves: Darko Milicic (2012; Two years, $7,008,000)
Trail Blazers: Brandon Roy (2011; Four years, $68,698,938)
Warriors: Charlie Bell (2011; One year, $4,099,920)
Wizards: Andray Blatche (2012; Three years, $23,384,761)

(Note: Contract figures for amnestied players represent the amount of guaranteed money left at the time the player was released; the salary committment for the team will have been reduced if the player was claimed by another club or signed elsewhere as a free agent)

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