Dwight Howard Rumors: Monday

It may not be many more days until our long national Dwightmare is over. Yesterday's reports on Howard suggested talks involving the Magic, Nets, and Cavaliers were getting serious, and that Orlando plans to make "one last sweep" around the league before deciding whether to accept the Nets' offer. While we wait to see if anything is agreed upon today, here are the latest rumblings on the Howard front:

  • Chad Ford's ESPN.com report includes some more slight tweaks to the framework described below. Ford adds Chris Duhon to the list of players headed to the Nets, suggests the Magic would receive one fewer first-rounder (a total of three instead of four), and says the Cavs would receive $3MM in cash.
  • Ford's report, along with tweets from the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Ken Berger of CBSSports.com, suggest that the Cavs and Clippers still aren't entirely on board. The Plain Dealer tweets that talk of a deal getting close is premature, while Berger says the Clips haven't agreed to anything yet and are one of several potential fourth-team facilitators in the mix (Twitter links).

Earlier updates:

  • It "sounds like" the Magic, Nets, and Cavs have found a fourth team to facilitate the Howard blockbuster, tweets Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld. According to Chad Ford of ESPN.com (Twitter link), that team is the Clippers — Los Angeles would acquire MarShon Brooks in exchange for a lottery-protected first-round pick, which would go to the Magic.
  • In addition to the framework described by Wojnarowski below, the Magic would also receive Armon Johnson from the Nets in the proposed deal, tweets Ken Berger of CBSSports.com, who cautions in a second tweet that pieces could still move in or out.
  • Before either team agreed to any deal, Magic doctors would need to examine Brook Lopez and Nets doctors would need to examine Dwight Howard, says Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter links).
  • Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports had the details of the proposed three-team blockbuster: The Nets would receive Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson, and Earl Clark, the Magic would receive Brook Lopez, Damion James, Shelden Williams, and Luke Walton, and the Cavs would receive Kris Humphries, Sundiata Gaines, and Quentin Richardson. The Nets would also send three first-round picks to the Magic, one to the Cavs, and would send MarShon Brooks to a fourth team to acquire another first-rounder for the Magic.
  • A source tells the Cleveland Plain Dealer that a deal involving the Cavs looks doubtful at this point (Twitter link).
  • Don't expect a Howard deal to go down today, tweets Brian K. Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel.  Getting Andrew Bynum from the Lakers would be Orlando's best deal, but the club is concerned about his knees holding up, Schmitz tweets.
  • Kris Humphries would be seeking a four-year deal with the Cavs and wouldn't be willing to sign a one-year deal, tweets Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports. Sign-and-trades require a three-year minimum, but only one year needs to be guaranteed. Frankly, with a rumored 11 to 14 players involved in the proposed deal, and many of them needing to be involved via sign-and-trade, I'd be surprised if Humphries was the only player that could hold things up.
  • We should expect resolution on the Nets/Magic talks pretty soon, according to Alex Raskin of HoopsWorld, who says Brooklyn intends to move on if a deal can't be consummated in the near future.
  • The Nets are willing and able to take on Jason Richardson's salary in the proposed three-team deal, tweets Chris Broussard of ESPN.com.
  • Bob Finnan of the News-Herald hears that the Nets want one of the Cavaliers' first-round picks in the trade, which could be a dealbreaker for Cleveland.
  • Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal and J.A. Adande of ESPN throw some cold water on the Howard talk. A source tells Adande that "to act like it's almost done is overblown" Twitter link), while Lloyd continues to hear that there's "isn't much to it" on the Cavs' end (Twitterlinks).
  • Numerous reporters, including Fred Kerber of the New York Post (Twitter link), are noting that the talks between the Nets, Magic, and other teams have "a lot of moving parts," but that progress is being made. According to Kerber, the odds are better than 50/50 that Howard is sent to the Nets.
  • Magic brass are meeting this morning to discuss whether to pull the trigger on the proposed Nets/Cavs deal, tweets Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld.
  • A fourth team may be entering the mix to take MarShon Brooks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, who adds that up to 14 players could be involved (Twitter link).
  • Although the Cavs look like the Nets' best bet to find a taker for Kris Humphries, Brooklyn has found traction on two other possible scenarios, says Wojnarowski.


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21 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Rumors: Monday

  1. dc21892

    I kinda want to see the Bulls get Howard. It would give Rose a superstar to pair down low and either Noah can slide to the 4 or Boozer can stay there, depending on which is traded.

  2. jwsox

    No matter where Dwight goes he is going to be someones #2. The clippers are blakes and chris’ team. The mavs are dirks team and if Williams goes there he will be loved more. Because that’s his home town. And if he goes to the Brooklyn nets he will still play second fiddle to Williams because Williams has been there. He is always going to be robin to another teams batman. Unless he stops being a media junkie and truly devotes to basketball and plays hard game in and game out, the other night against the bulls he checked out on defense after the 1st quarter.

  3. Pat Munley

    Chris Mannix is a fucking idiot to even mention “sources” who think DH12 will go to South Beach this off season. i highly doubt most Franchise players would sell out as bad as lebron and bosh did. The best options for him is let the Magic try to build around him this off season or sign with the Bulls. He would be in the spot light just as much as DRose.. with those 2 on the same team the media would go nuts over both of them comparing them to the 90’s Bulls tandems. I understand him wanting to be the star but hes going to need to think about it….Jordan needed Pippen, Kobe needed Shaq, Wade needed Shaq, Pierce needed KG/Allen when is he going to realize No one can win on their own, and IMO Durant and westbrook are getting better and better every year if DH12 doesnt pair with DRose he may miss his opportunity, and a DRose Howard Noah/boozer Gibson Rip would be devastating to other teams…let alone the Heat would have no answer for it cant double team them both..

  4. Suitup22

    Something tells me it’s not really about “being the face of the franchise” because as stated below, Clippers = Blake/Paul….Nets = Williams….Lakers = Kobe…and this new thing about being interested in the Heat if he hits free agency..gimme a break..He’s the third man on that team….he has to have something against Chicago (which is crazy because a line up of D Rose, SG, Deng, Boozer/Noah (only one would go in a trade) and Howard would be better than any lineup he goes to other than the Heat if it comes down to that. I mean Lakers…PG(fill in) Kobe..SF (fill in)…PF….Howard…..Nets..Williams..fill in, fill in, fill in, Howard

  5. Harris K.

    I still fail to see the Magic’s incentive in this trade. Brook Lopez, Marshawn Brooks, and a bunch of late 1st rounders seems like an underwhelming package for Dwight Howard. Quite frankly, I don’t even know how that is close.

    For that reason, I’d still be shocked if this deal went down.

    • There’s obviously more to it than just Brooks, Lopez, and first rounders to the Magic. They say its an 11 player deal with 3 first round picks going to the Magic. Of these 11 players, undoubtedly Richardson and Duhon are included – this means Orlando gets to dump salary in addition to grabbing picks and possibly getting someone off the Cavs roster. I actually don’t see why Cleveland would do it, because they’d be taking on a guy they could sign on their own to help the Nets…I’ve heard they’re also getting MarShon Brooks and possibly a first rounder, but where does this first rounder come from? The Nets, from trades for Williams, Wallace, and Johnson, can’t have that many firsts in the upcoming years, plus 3 firsts to Orlando…Cleveland’s first rounder to participate in this deal may come in 2025 or something.

    • dc21892

      What do you expect them to get for him? Dwight Howard has demolished his own trade value by acting like a cry baby. He ruined the Magics chances at getting a legit package for the best center in the league.

      • Harris K.

        I expect them to get someone to build around. I’d much rather take my chances with Bynum, or trade for Horford +. All I know is that Deron got dealt for a good package, Melo got traded for a huge package, and Dwight is even better than those 2 guys. Brook Lopez is at best an average center, and the picks will be late 1st rounders which really aren’t worth much.

  6. Ricardo0492

    If the Magic are going to trade Howard to the Nets in a three-team trade, they have to try to balance the power between the teams involve. For example, if the Magic are going to send Howard to the Nets, the Magic and the Cavs should get a player or players that would fill their position/s of need and that would help them be better right away. In my opinion, the Magic has to get more players in the deal to balance their power with the Nets. But what Cleveland is possibly getting in the trade (Humphries, Brooks, and a first round pick) seems to be good, but apparently they’re looking for a fourth team to take Brooks.

  7. Elliotp0

    Orlando would be the dumest team ever to trade Howard and Richardson and get back those guys….are you kidding me!!

  8. Pinky

    Cavs trade luke walton for all those players and a first round pick… They get a solid trade piece in humphries, and still retain enough cap room to do something next offseason (bynum???)

  9. guest

    Ill take Bynum over this junk anyday, even if he doesn’t resign, the risk is a better option than a bunch of useless picks and Brook Lopez who you’ll have to give a max deal to in a few years if you wanna keep him anyways. Not to mention your crating a super team in your own division.

    • Guest

      What are you talking about?
      Bynum is a free agent after the year so your logic of giving Lopez a max deal in a few years makes little sense. The Lakers do not have any picks to trade after the Nash deal unless they are for 4 years out. Lopez+ for a few years is better than 1 year of Bynum.

  10. Joe Random

    Wow. The Cavs have got to be drooling at the prospect of this one. Humphries, Gaines, and a first rounder for….LUKE WALTON? You’ve got be kidding me. Fingers crossed.

    • Drooling isn’t exactly the right word. If the Cavs wanted Humphries, they’d just sign him. They have the cap space. They’re getting rid of one guy they don’t want (Walton) and getting 3 back (Humphries, Richardson, Gaines) for a first round pick, because they have the cap space. If there was no draft pick, there would be almost zero incentive for Cleveland to do this.

  11. Tristan Leonhard

    Wouldn’t it make a lot of sense for the fourth team to be the Phoenix Suns? They need a 2 guard and just got a bunch of picks from the Nash deal.

  12. Gonzalesv

    the nets seem to be working ‘too hard” on this deal and i dont know if trading away 7 picks all together for 2 players is that smart. joe johnson maybe has 2 more good years left and then he is just gonna be a guy .. he is allready slow .. d will coudlnt carry the nets last year and g erald wallace isnt all that and to me is not worth 10 mil ..

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