Warriors Acquire Jarrett Jack; Wright To Sixers

9:26pm: The deal has been finalized, according to a press release by the Warriors. The Warriors receive Jack from New Orleans, the Sixers receive Wright from Golden State and center Darryl Watkins from New Orleans, and the Hornets receive the rights to Bavcic from Philadelphia.  

2:35pm: Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group reports that the deal is getting close, but cautions that it's "fragile" and could fall apart. Still, Jack himself seems to acknowledge he'll be moved, tweeting: "Well new Orleans it's been real like to thank all the fans u treated me great during my time as a hornet. ‪#movingon."

WEDNESDAY, 2:17pm: The Hornets have entered the deal, making it a three-way swap. New Orleans will send Jarrett Jack to Golden State, and will receive the rights to Bavcic, reports ESPN.com's Marc Stein (Twitter links). As such, the Warriors will no longer receive a trade exception for Wright.

TUESDAY, 7:08pm: The Warriors will receive Bavcic and a $4.1MM trade exception for Wright, tweets Steinmetz.

5:50pm: The Sixers have agreed to acquire Dorell Wright from the Warriors in exchange for a prior draft pick currently playing overseas, according to Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group (via Twitter). The mystery player involved in the trade is likely Edin Bavcic, whose rights were acquired by the Sixers from the Raptors in 2006, writes Matt Steinmetz of CSNBayArea.com. The move can be made official when the moratorium ends later tonight.

For Philadelphia, the team will absorb Wright and his $4MM expiring contract into the cap space they'll create by amnestying Elton Brand. Still, considering the Sixers already have Andre Iguodala established at small forward and drafted another wing in Maurice Harkless, the acquisition is a little puzzling.

The Warriors, meanwhile, clear a huge $4MM from their books, creating the flexibility to perhaps use their full $5MM mid-level exception for a free agent, rather than just the $3.09MM taxpayer MLE. Look for Golden State to use its new found financial freedom to pursue frontline help, a backup point guard and veteran scorer off the bench, writes Thompson.

Head coach Mark Jackson's staff wanted to upgrade from Wright at small forward and the Warriors front office agreed that a change was necessary, tweets Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News. Wright averaged 10.3 points and 4.6 rebounds per game last season for the Warriors in 27 minutes per game. 

Dei Lynam of CSNPhilly.com first reported that the Sixers would acquire Wright from the Warriors.


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15 thoughts on “Warriors Acquire Jarrett Jack; Wright To Sixers

      • Tmandolfan

        Pau Gasol is BY FAR the softest 7’er in the league. Better 4/5 options that match up money wise are Al Horford, Josh Smith, Al Jefferson & Paul Millsap.

    • Jimcass134

      Harkless isn’t even 20 yet and was the 3rd best SF in the Draft and they still got Moultrie? What did he do to you?

  1. Greatone91569

    Think they’re keeping iggy. They never indicated they were gonna trade iggy and doug collins loves him. Think theyre gonna trade thad and clear up cap space for big time free agents next year. They would have about 30 mill+ to spend next year assuming iggy opts out

    • Greatone91569

      and theyre gonna keep signing guys to one year contracts this year to stay relevant

    • Tmandolfan

      I disagree.

      First of all Igoudala’s value will never be higher than it is right now.

      Second, Philly HAS TO to either a) play Turner and find out what his ceiling is or b) trade him (not trade Young. Igoudala and Young coexist on the court far better than Igoudala and Turner do).

      Collins does love Iggy, that’s true, but Igoudala’s not a guy who’s going to lead them deep into the playoffs. A legit big guy to compliment Jrue might.

  2. sportsfan07

    I liked it more for GS if they didn’t take on Jack. He’s a nice piece but they just took back all of the salary that they were getting rid of and more. Could have gotten a similar player through the mid-level and would have been cheaper.

    • KeeganRafael20

      It’s not bad. Who would you prefer other than him in the Free Agent pool? With the mid level we can sign someone to around a 5mil deal. But We also still have the taxpayers mid level which is 3mil. So by cheaper. Not so much.

      • sportsfan07

        I don’t know how much it would take to get a guy like DJ Augustin but I wouldn’t imagine that it would take the entire mid-level but at the rate that borderline bench/starters are going this year it might look like he may get more than the mid-level. It’s really a moot point now though. As long as they can fit Hickson into that $3M they got remaining then they win out and the roster should be set.

        EDIT: Didn’t see that Hickson resigned with Portland so I guess it would have to be another option under $3M for a big man.

  3. Bring Back Ellis

    Wow Hickson signed for a mere $4.4 Mill which the Warriors can Afford. That’s it No Roy, No Hickson, This team is Garbage

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