Value Of 2012/13 Cap Exceptions

Last season, under the first year of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the first-year values of the mid-level and bi-annual exceptions were relatively easy to remember — the mid-level for non-taxpaying teams started at $5MM, the taxpayer MLE began at $3MM, and the room exception for under-the-cap teams began at $2.5MM. The bi-annual exception, meanwhile, checked in at a first-year value of $1.9MM.

However, the CBA dictates that these exceptions are set to grow in value annually. Besides the non-taxpayer mid-level, which doesn't increase until next summer, each of the aforementioned exceptions grew by 3% this year. The new first-year numbers are a little harder to remember — $3.09MM for the taxpayer MLE, $2.575MM for the room exception, and $1.957MM for the BAE.

To avoid having to recall those figures and constantly calculate the new second- and third-year values of contracts that use full exceptions, we've put together a chart for quick reference. Here are the maximum contracts, in both years and dollars, that teams can hand out using these four salary cap exceptions (click for full size):


For complete explanations of how these and other cap exceptions work, be sure to check out Hoops Rumors' glossary.

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