Wizards Considering Using Amnesty On Blatche

JULY 16, 6:34pm: According to NBA.com's David Aldridge, the Wizards are now leaning toward amnestying Andray Blatche. The team still has not made a final decision, but has until tomorrow to decide.

JULY 13, 10:37am: The Wizards are still undecided on whether to use their amnesty clause on Blatche, reports Michael Lee of the Washington Post. One source, asked which way the Wizards are leaning, said the team is "standing straight up."

According to Lee, the Wizards continue to work the phones trying to find a trade partner that would take Blatche, but one source thinks Washington would have to pair Blatche with a "major asset" in order to find a deal.

TUESDAY, 10:47am: With the amnesty window for 2012 set to open tomorrow, the Wizards are giving "renewed consideration" to using the amnesty clause to release Andray Blatche, reports ESPN.com's Marc Stein (via Twitter). According to Stein, the Wizards would like to move on from Blatche, and while they'd rather not eat his remaining salary, they recognize that a trade is extremely unlikely (Twitter link).

Given Washington's cap situation, it would be a little surprising if the team used the amnesty provision on Blatche this summer. With over $60MM in guaranteed salaries, the Wizards would clear a little over $7MM off their books by amnestying Blatche, which probably wouldn't result in enough cap space to be useful. However, according to Stein (via Twitter), if the Wizards don't find a trade partner for Blatche, they'll likely either amnesty him or pay him to stay home.

This year's amnesty window runs for one week, from July 11th to 17th. If teams don't use their amnesty provision during that time, they'll have to wait until next July for their next opportunity.


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7 thoughts on “Wizards Considering Using Amnesty On Blatche

  1. Andy Branin

    Good he has brought down this potentially great franchise for years!!!

  2. Mccantskevin7

    He never worked out here any way. below average player with high cost

  3. smallphotography

    Don’t do it. Save it for when you really need to use the money for a new player. You can only do this once. Use your brains on this one. Get Blatche to work out hard. The guy can be a good player. Come on Blatche. Show everyone. Get yourself in shape. Get your game back. Make it better. You’ll want to go to another good team. Your career is not over yet. Use your time here in Washington to make yourself better than you’ve ever been. cut out the party life and make it your best playing year ever. YOU HAVE IT IN YOU!!!! YOUR FUTURE IS IMPORTANT. Get a person who will really get you in shape. Practice hard and get in shape. I know you are worth. Don’t worry about the naysayers. Get in shape Blatche. Forget last year. This is a new year for you. Don’t just sit and collect money or let them do amnesty. You want to play basketball. Come on man! This is your CAREER! I’m pulling for you, BLATCHE. Forget what others say. Put it in your mind to get in shape. Practice what you need practice on. Look at film of those who play your position and learn from them. I believe in you Blatche. My son and I will come to see YOU play. YOU ARE A WASHINTON WIZARD. LET THE COACH KNOW YOU ARE ON THE TEAM TO PLAY. Let the parties go for now. Let the disappointment go. YOu will be a new man this year. DO NOT GIVE UP it is not an option for you. write to me if you need encourangement but please get yourself going. it starts in the heart then in the mind then in the body. YOU CAN DO IT. smallwritings@aol.com

    • Nichobert

      Even when his surface numbers were good, he was still left efficient at scoring than nene, booker, okafor, seraphin, vesely or James singleton. All those guys but Nene grab a higher percentage of rebounds while on the floor- again, this is compared to that stretch of the 09-10 season when he was putting up gaudy numbers. Not any of the garbage he has done since. The Wizards have been in the positive in point differential per 100 possessions with booker, nene, seraphin and singleton. Even vesely helped the team succeed more than Blatche.

      Oh but Blatche can shoot from outside and our other bigs can’t? Nope. Everyone but vesely shot better from 15-23 feet last year than Blatche did during his breakout campaign.

      The fact of the matter is, the gut was shooting as much as Kobe Bryant for 2 months. His points per shot numbers were obscenely low for a big man but he averaged 20 points per game because he got so many shots.

      Other teams realize this. That’s why nobody is trying to trade garbage like tyrus Thomas or John salmons for the ‘potential’ for Blatche to get back to that early 2010 form.

      Just let him walk, show some guts


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