Players With Partial Guarantees

Our list of non-guaranteed contracts for 2012/13 is fairly detailed, including not only players whose deals are fully non-guaranteed, but also those who have a partial guarantee on their contracts. If those players are waived by their respective teams, they'll still receive a portion of their salaries, though the club won't have to pay the entire amount.

To save you from sifting through our list of non-guaranteed deals, we've taken all the players believed to have partial guarantees on their contracts and listed them below. In many cases, these players will have the edge over non-guaranteed camp invitees when it comes to landing the final spot or two on their team's roster, since the club will have to pay them either way.

Based on the contract details reported to date, with a major assist from ShamSports, here are the players with partial guarantees, along with the amount of that guarantee. These players are assumed to be on minimum-salary contracts unless otherwise indicated:

ShamSports was used in the creation of this list.

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