Poll: NBA’s New Anti-Flopping Rule

As we covered earlier this afternoon, the NBA announced today that it has adopted an anti-flopping rule for the 2012/13 season, designed to discourage players from embellishing contact. Given the increase in flopping we've seen in the Association in recent years, it's hard to argue that the NBA wasn't right to do something to try to discourage the practice.

But is the NBA's solution the best approach the league could have taken? "Flops" will be determined using video review after the games, with first-time offenders receiving a warning, and fines starting with the second violation. I would guess that only egregious flops will be considered, but there's still a level of subjectivity involved — as Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News points out, there can be a fine line between selling a call and "flopping" (all Twitter links).

McDonald rightly adds that there could also be a disparity between an in-game call and a post-game ruling. For instance, a player could sink a pair of game-winning free throw following a foul that is ruled later to be a flop (Twitter links). Among the other cons for the new rule: Players are now being fined significantly more for "flops" than for technical fouls, which max out at $5K.

No rule instituted to prevent flopping will be perfect, and it's a step in the right direction for the league to adopt a policy for the coming season. But are you happy with the NBA's solution, or would you rather see flopping combated in another way? Submit your vote below and feel free to weigh in under the comments section.

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