Lakers May Pursue Ryan Anderson In Gasol Deal

MONDAY, 6:44pm: The Hornets say they don’t have any interest in trading Anderson, tweets HoopsWorld’s Steve Kyler, who adds that the team is “absolutely thrilled” with him. Anderson says he’s enjoying New Orleans, and is confident the team will improve once Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis are back (Twitter link).

SATURDAY, 4:27pm: Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni‘s desire for a stretch four who can make three-pointers and leave the post work to Dwight Howard is what’s prompting the team to consider trading Pau Gasol, and the “name that keeps coming up” is Ryan Anderson, according to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News. Anderson, who played with Howard in Orlando, precisely fits the definition of a stretch four, but he’s ineligible to be traded until later in the season, since he inked a new deal this offseason in a sign-and-trade transaction that sent him to the Hornets.

A move wouldn’t be imminent anyway, since the Lakers are waiting to see how the team runs with a healthy Steve Nash, Lawrence writes. Most offseason signees are eligible to be traded beginning December 15th, but because Anderson received a raise of better than 20% and re-signed via Bird Rights with the Magic, who were over the cap, I believe he can’t be traded until January 15th, even though he went to New Orleans in the sign-and-trade. According to Larry Coon’s Salary Cap FAQ, the restrictions apply to the first trade after the sign-and-trade, and not the sign-and-trade itself.

Either way, the Hornets will be free to trade Anderson at some point this season, one that hasn’t gone as planned for New Orleans, with injuries to Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis. Anderson has been a bright spot, as most of his numbers have been largely on par with those from last season, when he won the Most Improved Player of the Year award. His field goal percentage and three-point percentages are both at career highs this year, even as he’s taking more shots than ever.

Still, with a healthy Davis, who seems better suited at power forward than center, clearly the centerpiece of the team, it’s difficult to see where Anderson and his four-year, $34MM contract fit on the Hornets. Gasol, a more natural fit at center than Davis, could make sense, even with Robin Lopez around. New Orleans would have to give up much more salary to absorb Gasol’s $19MM deal, however.

The Lakers have also been linked to Josh Smith, but Hawks GM Danny Ferry, who cleared a lot of cap room this past summer, is reluctant to bring aboard Gasol’s sizable contract even though it expires after next season, Lawrence reports.

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28 thoughts on “Lakers May Pursue Ryan Anderson In Gasol Deal

  1. citanafloot

    I like the deal with Toronto better… Andrea bargnani, Jose Calderon, and leiniz kleiza for gasol. not only would that give us a more proven stretch 4 but would add great players to the bench where we need it most at point guard and small forward

    • Peter Maguire

      Oh my what huge mistake – Bargnani would be 3 point shooting big man, seriously. This team has to get better on defense and Calderon and Bargnani suck. Klieza is a great hustle guy but not a lean on go-to guy every night. all good bench players none in Pau’s league.

  2. Mahmoud

    I would like to see Ryan Anderson in this offense but the problem with trading Pau is when dwight goes to the bench whose going to play the center spot. Ryan Anderson and someone like Josh smith can’t slide over to the 5 when Dwights resting or in foul trouble. With Pau we are able to do that so that’s my issue with those trades!!!!

    • Peter Maguire

      One good year Ryan Anderson? for how many year MVP Pau? gimme a break, this guy is weaker than Pau by a mile and very inconsistent. The rotation of the players needs to change, and that outlet pass from the rebound should be sent to a guard before the bigs feet hit the floor in order to push the break for easier fastbreak points.

      • Hec4Mets

        Um yea one good year sure doesn’t seem like it he’s probably the best offensive player the Hornets have right now Ryan Anderson is no fluke player he won most improved player for a reason and is showing it this year again (19pts and 8rebounds per game)

  3. Hector Cortes

    I don’t see how this deal helps the Hornets at all other then getting cap space again for 2014 doesn’t really make sense for them if you ask me….

  4. jacob_p0pky

    Lakers trade Pau Gasol, Robert Sacre, and Steve Blake.
    Lakers get Ryan Anderson, Derrick Williams, and J.J Barea

    New Orleans trades Ryan Anderson, Brian Roberts, and Austin Rivers.
    New Orleans gets Nicola Pekovic, Luke Ridnour, and Ekpe Udoh.

    Minnesota trades Nicola Pekovic, Derrick Williams, Luke Ridnour, J.J Barea, and Greg Stiesma
    Minnesota gets Pau Gasol, Steve Blake, and Robert Sacre.

    Milwaukee trades Ekpe Udoh.
    Milwaukee gets Austin Rivers.

    In this trade the Lakers trade Gasol(who while being a top 3 or 4 power forward isn’t the right fit for this team) along with Sacre(60th pick) and dump Blake for one of the best stretch 4’s in the league in Ryan Anderson(who has thrived next to Howard, and will thrive even more with Nash around), an athletic wing in Derrick Williams to give the bench some life, and a solid backup point guard in J.J Barea to give them some depth at the point.

    The Hornets trade Anderson(who doesn’t fit in with a healthy Hornets team), along with undrafted rookie Roberts, and rookie flop Austin Rivers for the young center they need in Pekovic, a young defensive stud in Udoh(can you imagine the shot blocking numbers between him and Davis???) , and a solid veteran pointguard in Ridnour.

    The Timberwolves do get rid of starting center Nicola Pekovic, 2011 2nd overall pick Derrick Williams, solid reserve guards J.J Barea and Ridnour, and backup center Greg Stiesma. But they get a lot back in return. They get all-star Pau Gasol to pair with fellow Spaniard Ricky Rubio, and with Kevin Love to form the leagues best frontcourt. They also get the young Sacre who looks like he could turn out to be a solid backup big and Steve Blake who’s a decent reserve guard.

    The Bucks have a small role in this trade, only dealing with the Hornets. They trade 2010 6th overall pick Ekpe Udoh for 2012 10th overall pick Austin Rivers. They already have plenty of front court talent, whereas the Hornets could use a defensive player to come off the bench who can play either the 4 or 5 spots.

    • Michael Nguyen

      retard trade. Minnesota would never give up Pekovic a solid 5 for Pau Gasol.

      • Peter Maguire

        Holy cow – if we trade for anyone on Minnesota it is Kevin Love period… clean the bench and Pau, as well as MWP. Pekovic is a stiff and another weak all around player – a project, laughable.

        • Peter Maguire

          If we go to Milwaukee don’t forget to wipe them out too- you got to take Monta with Udoh. these trades are so far out there… it is crazy. Too much to change and not enough impact from anyone at all coming to the Lakers to make any of it seem worth it. Barrea career 2nd string slacker, Ryan -one year as a 3 point hack, Derrick Williams still has not proven he can play in the NBA. oh yeah better younger legs to run so that is what wins Championships, right…. oh my the BUss’ move to put Phil’s name out there is going to be a curse all through this painful process. D’Antoni can and will have to learn how to approach an offense with a post player in order to see this team have any success. Howard will be gone otherwise. He is definitely a loose cannon and the way we babysit his personal feelings is huge through this year.

        • Michael Nguyen

          u fool i can tell u dont watch the NBA if u think Pekovic is a stiff.

          • Peter Maguire

            Wow – what are you 18 year old know it all, I am 50 and follow BBall most of my life as a ref, coach and scout – Love the game. rarely wrong on talent. A GUY LIKE YOU JUST HAS TO CHALLENGE THE WRONG GUY AND OK HERE YOU GO.
            3 years in the league got a little better but only 6 rebs a game, maybe 10 points avg. by now and was considered a lost cause in his first season. Good start to this season with the minutes but now with a real presence of Love his numbers will go back to almost nothing. Love has made life easy on him and overall he’s inconsistent, no ball handling doesn’t run well, not a good passer, for 6-11/7 footer he’s serviceable. A guy like Pau with so many facets of the game covererd would be a huge asset to Love and rubio, Petrified is a stiff and in no way a comparable player with Gasol, and for a Euro player no outside game at all, decent FT Shooter. No Clutch performance factor at all. A big body with potential. Pau in his sleep has more talent more accolades and his overall game is far superior, where have you been doing your scouting son. Your Pet can stay in Minnesota and we will take Kevin Love that kid knows he’s supposed to be on the Lakers anyway.

  5. The voice of reason

    Anytime you have a chance to trade a 24 year-old on a good contract that is playing ar an all-star level you have to pull the trigger!! Especially when your best players are 23 and 19. If you can get a 32 year-old on a bad contract with injury history it just makes too much sense not to. This is maybe the stupidest article that I have ever read. I actually feel dumber for reading it. Unless the Lakers are trading Paul George, Derek Favors or Damian Lillard they can forget about acquiring Ryan Anderson. Maybe they should trade Steve Blake for CP3? He would be really good in D’Antoni’s system. Honestly, how can someone get paid to write this?

  6. Peter Maguire

    well, you lose Pau and Howard gets to destroy the franchise in his own special way when the season ends… why would you get rid of Pau, Kobe, or Nash they are the only things that represent a decent base of a team next year.Everyone on the team besides those 4 are up for grabs but no way do you sell off Pau for anyone less than a superstar.

  7. Connector

    Trading Gasol would be a huge mistake. He is one of the best mobile big men in the NBA. The Lakers need to be a little more patient until all the pieces are in place and have had some time to get used to each other.

  8. cucamongakid

    I got a better idea let’s ditch dumbass d’antoni this clown has never won anythinh just like dumbass jim buss JERRY BETTER TAKE CONTROL

  9. Doyle Smith

    Did anyone notice last night how the rotation went? We keep hearing how we are searching for a rotation to play together.. Well, we go out and score the most points in years, shoot three’s like gang busters and the next game the ones who did it sat. I’m sorry, but do the Lakers think they can find a rotation that will score 150 points a game? For heaven sakes you give that line up another shot before moving on to the next! The defense stinks!!! You can’t even call it defense. You may have to sit Howard at times. You can’t win with him making one out of two, or none, and the other team making 3’s. The rest of the team gets down when they see that happening. Howard makes some of the dumbest fouls I have ever seen. And Koby needs to shut up. He say’s he is going to kick some rear ends. Look around you Koby, half of this team would kick your rear. I understand Koby, he plays his butt off every night. He has faults too, but he always plays hard.

    • Peter Maguire

      yep Kobe is to fault as well but on again off again players like the lakers have need to be coached and the people who say Pau doesn’t have it didn’t watch him in the Olympics. His game is fine and with the proper rotation of him and Howard things will eventually work out. Howard is kind of like Bynum in the fact that he needs to see the ball is coming to him early, get a few lob dunks and he will show more energy. Pau needs to come off the bench and Hill start, just a lot faster down the court. Kobe can’t change is role of facilitator when he wants to- it is being unselfish all day everyday on a D’Antoni team that will help the overall confidence of everyone. Metta might be losing his time to Jamison also but both Pau and Metta will be great additions on the 2nd string and give them much more stability for the rest they should be giving Howard. Pau is definitely the guy you want to finish games due to his FT %. Howard is fine first quarter into 2nd then in comes Pau they can get used to a rotation of strong starting and awesome 3rd quarter power play to the post with DHoward then definitely weigh in on them working together for a bit as well as using DHoward to pull the other bigs away from the basket in order to give Pau more room to dominate. He is much more successful in passing and give and go than Howard ever will be. when will the concept of ‘if you are not hitting 3’s or anything DRIVE TO THE HOLE!’ get into effect, the drive and dish isn’t just for Steve Nash so lets look to the players to create more and set up open 3’s as well as get the big fellas involved more and see how everything works. 2 great centers what an awesome problem to have! Furthermore,The players need better spacing and of course as the great Phil Jackson said the other day- we need to make 3’s in D’Antoni’s system. Not once in a while but every night. Meeks? Jamison, MWP, Kobe and Nash could help this happen but the problem is live by the 3 die by the 3. Not a great balanced attack and it’s a horrible thing to lean on during the playoffs as the Suns know from their huge success against the Lakers. I really didn’t expect Coach to not coach in a different way with this personel, if it is the same old early playoff exit D’Antoni team we want then the Buss family is really dumber than we all thought!

  10. Gasols trade value is at an all time low, the guy has been sleep walking for over two years. The Lakers are stuck with him unless the give him away for draftpicks.

    • Truther

      I’m from Memphis, and we know that there’s a Grizzy Pau and a Laker Pau. The ole Grizz Pau is what you’ve been seeing lately and thats why we wanted Marc instead. When Pau won championship it was when Kobe screamed and cussed him out every game. Now I can see that LA is seeing what we were seeing before he was traded.

  11. The voice of reason

    It looks like someone took down my post about how stupid it would be for a young team (the Hornets) to trade a 24 year-old sharpshooter to go along with a 23 year-old Eric Gordon, 19 year-old Anthony Davis. Why would the Hornets trade Anderson for an aging Gasol? The fact that someone even started this rumor is ridiculous but not quite as ridiculous as taking down my post suggesting that it was a dumb idea. I said that I felt dumber for reading this rumor. Someone please explain to Mitch Kupchak that he does not control the content of this message board.

  12. purplerain53

    First of all, we need to trade for a solid point guard, who can be eventually Nash’s backup.Blake, Duhon, Morris, D.J Odom and Clark are all for trades, along with Paulina – ballerina. This team sucks and the record shows it very clear.

  13. larry

    lakers need to start Jamison, and have Pau come off the bench. Jamison has been getting use to D’Antoni’s system lately, and has been playing better. He can space the floor, and you dont lose much on defense. Pau would do better with the second unit, because Howard would be out and Pau can post and everybody know he is a good passer so he can make good decisions. With Pau playing in the post he can easily get you 15 points off the bench. D’Antoni needs to alter his offense, he has virtually 2 centers who can be unstoppable at times but you have to play them to their strengths, which is in the post. No way should Pau be forced to take 15 and 20 footers all game, that defeats the purpose of having a 7 footer because it damn sure aint for defense. Lakers win games when games when they are moving the ball and everyone is getting involved. Kobe should be limited to 15 shots a game, honestly he shouldnt have to take more shots than that with the roster they do have. Check the stats, whenever Kobe scores over 30 this year they have lost and the teams overall assists are down. Nash will solve alot of problems once he gets back, but their main problem is lack of defense and they have been horrible on defense in fourth quarters. The gave 40 points to Orlando and 34 to Houston all in the fourth quarter. D’Antoni should have gotten a defense minded assistant coach, because the man doesnt focus on Defense at all.

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