Cuban: “100% Chance” Mavs Will Make Trade

Earlier today, Mavs owner Mark Cuban told Tim McMahon of that he plans to be aggressive in attempting to make a move before the trade deadline.  Now, Cuban says that a trade before February 21st is a virtual certainty.

"I would say there’s a one hundred percent chance we’ll do something," Cuban told Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News.  "There’s nobody in particular we’re looking to get off or anything. But we put ourselves in position where I’m willing to take back money. If it’s the right deal, I’ll take back everything. I don’t care. It just depends. But like I said, there’s a one hundred percent chance we’re going to look to do something."

Cuban doesn't envision one deal putting the Mavs over the top, but he is determined to do everything possible to improve his squad.  The owner is understandably antsy to make a change considering the club's 15-23 record, but he says that he's as confident as can be that he'll be able to get Dirk Nowitzki a second ring.

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