Poll: Will Allen Iverson Play In The NBA Again?

It's been nearly three years since Allen Iverson last appeared in an NBA game, and even longer since he played a full season. Nonetheless, the 2001 MVP still holds out hope of making a comeback, and a D-League team recently offered him the opportunity to get that comeback underway.

However, it doesn't appear that a stint with the Texas Legends is in the cards for Iverson. AI tweeted yesterday that while he views the D-League as a "great opportunity," it's not the route for him. While Iverson played briefly in Turkey in 2010/11, his pride and his salary demands have seemingly prevented him from showcasing his skills for a European or D-League squad since then.

Iverson's manager, Gary Moore, told the Associated Press yesterday that Iverson would like to pursue a role with the 76ers once his playing career is officially over, but cautioned that the 37-year-old wasn't ready to officially retire quite yet. Moore told USA Today that his client is still working out and may explore the possibility of playing in the NBA later this season.

"Hopefully, one day, he'll get an opportunity to possibly join a team and help a team — come off the bench and maybe give a team some very valuable minutes in this playoff stretch," Moore said. "I'm not a guessing man, but if I had to bet, I would surely feel like Allen is going to try and get himself in shape to return sometime this year."

At age 37 and nearly three years removed from NBA action, it seems highly improbable that Iverson could earn a spot on an NBA roster without proving that he can still be healthy and effective in the D-League or in international play. But we did see Rasheed Wallace make a comeback at age 38 this season, and 'Sheed, like Iverson, hadn't played NBA ball since the 2009/10 season.

So what do you think? Will we ever see Iverson play in another NBA game, or is it about time he officially announced his retirement?

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