Poll: Does John Wall Deserve A Max Deal?

We already know John Wall thinks he is worthy of a maximum-salary contract.  As of today, it sounds like we know that the Wizards think he is worthy of a maximum-salary contract.  But do you think he is?

While he has certainly shown plenty of potential in his first three years in the league, the Wizards surely expected Wall to blossom into a star more quickly, similar to how Kyrie Irving has this year in Cleveland.  As Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld points out, Washington has gone 18-15 since Wall returned and the lightning quick point guard has looked incredible in March, averaging 20.1 points, 7.7 assists, 4.5 rebounds and 2.1 steals while shooting 52.4 percent from the field.  

But Kennedy also notes that some people in NBA circles still have reservations about his jump shot and feel for the game – both of which were questions on Wall when he was at Kentucky.  While his recent performance suggests he may be improving on those opportunity areas, he will need to do it consistently to convince everyone that is headed for stardom.

It sounds like Wall will get a max deal.  But what do you think – is he worth it?  Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comments section. 

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Does John Wall Deserve A Max Deal?

  1. alphakira

    No, but neither do 80% of the people that get one. Will he get it? Yup. Sadly I don’t think he’ll ever be in the same category as CP3, Rose, or even Rondo, yet he’ll be a peer money wise.

  2. Derek Lee

    If Eric Gordon can get a max-contract following a season where he only appeared in 9 games, then John Wall will definitely get a max-contract.

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