Mavericks Tops In NBA Transactions In 2012/13

The Mavericks began the season looking to unload Dominique Jones in a trade, but wound up shuttling Eddy Curry, Troy Murphy and Derek Fisher on and off their roster. They picked up Mike James on a 10-day contract, signed him to another, and finally signed him for the rest of the season. They participated in a deadline-day trade, swapping Dahntay Jones for Anthony Morrow. They finally parted ways with Jones when they waived him in March, signing three different replacements to 10-day contracts before settling on Josh Akognon and inking him for the season.

That's merely a partial summary of the league-high 16 transactions the Mavs engaged in during the 2012/13 season. None of them were able to forestall the Mavs first non-playoff season since 1999/00. The Nuggets, meanwhile, sat back and made no moves en route to a franchise-record 57 victories. 

Stability didn't necessarily translate into success. Of the five other teams that made two or fewer moves, only one finished with a record of .500 or better, and that team, the Lakers, would hardly call this season a rousing success. The 66-win Heat and the playoff-bound Celtics finished tied behind the Mavs for the second-most transations, with 13 apiece. 

A few notes about our count of the number of transactions for each team this season: Since the Blazers waived Jared Jeffries the day after the regular season ended, that move isn't counted on this list. The list also doesn't include D-League assignments and recalls or instances in which a player leaves a team after his 10-day contract expires. But, if a team terminates a 10-day contract early, as the Pelicans (nee Hornets) did with Henry Sims, that transaction is counted here.

  • Mavericks: 16
  • Celtics: 13
  • Heat: 13
  • Timberwolves: 13
  • Pelicans: 11
  • Knicks: 10
  • 76ers: 9
  • Cavaliers: 9
  • Grizzlies: 9
  • Rockets: 9
  • Wizards: 8
  • Clippers: 7
  • Hawks: 7
  • Bobcats: 6
  • Bulls: 5
  • Spurs: 5
  • Warriors: 5
  • Jazz: 4
  • Nets: 4
  • Pacers: 4
  • Raptors: 4
  • Magic: 3
  • Suns: 3
  • Thunder: 3
  • Kings: 2
  • Lakers: 2
  • Trail Blazers: 2
  • Bucks: 1
  • Pistons: 1
  • Nuggets: 0

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