Omer Asik Requests Trade, Rockets Say No

Omer Asik has been vocal about his displeasure about the idea of backing up Dwight Howard and he has now taken the step of formally requesting a trade out of Houston, sources told Brian Windhorst of  However, the Rockets have no plans to grant the center's wish.

Asik started all 82 games for the Rockets last season and wasn't ready to take a backseat to the league's No. 1 center.  The former Bull averaged 10.1 points, 11.7 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks in his first season with the Rockets.  Asik makes a very reasonable $5.225MM next season but his salary balloons to $14.9MM in 2014/15.

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4 thoughts on “Omer Asik Requests Trade, Rockets Say No

  1. Sargeant_Snippy

    Zach, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that because Asik got signed to the original offer sheet with Houston last year, the salary would be ballooned if Chicago had of re-signed him. But because he signed with Houston, his salary was evenly spread over the life of his contract. So I’m pretty sure that he makes roughly $8.375M this year and $8.375 next season. Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld has his salary listed as that too, and his salary numbers are probably the most reliable that’s out there.

    • DieHardMsFan

      His cap hit is 8.375 mill per season, but he is not being paid the exact same amount per year. Basically his contract (and Lin’s) started at like 6/7 mill with maximum increases per year that are allowed so he makes close to 10 mill his final year. A really back loaded deal intended to make luxury tax paying teams (or potential tax paying teams) think twice before matching the offer sheet as in the third year they would have to pay Asik 10 mill + have to pay the penalties for going over the cap.

      I think that is what his contract was like. Perhaps someone can confirm/deny this or explain it better than I can.

      • stros1fan

        That is exactly correct. The cap hit for the Rockets is $8.33M all 3 years, but he gets the baloon payment next year.


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