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Agent Jeff Schwartz has disputed media reports that Lamar Odom is missing, telling's Marc Stein that playing in the NBA next season "is still very much part of Lamar's plans." However, a source tells ESPN that Odom is currently in a Los Angeles hotel where friends are "trying to get him help for an unspecified drug problem."

The details of Odom's situation remain unclear, as Schwartz didn't disclose any specifics, but it seems his NBA career may be on hold until he resolves some off-court issues. Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News hears from a source that the Clippers still have some interest in Odom, though a deal doesn't seem overly likely, since the club is also talking to Antawn Jamison. The Lakers touched base with Odom early in July, but no longer have interest in signing him, according to Medina.

A month ago, a report indicated that Odom only had interest in playing for a Los Angeles team, so if the Lakers are out of the mix, the Clippers may represent his last chance at an NBA contract for the coming season.

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9 thoughts on “Latest On Lamar Odom

  1. CaliLuv73

    Lakers should had just kept him!! It was a slap in the face thinking freeing up $$ for Howard. Now,look at the Lakers and Mavs! Both teams just gave away there core players. Only one player came out on top and that was Chandler!! Lakers should just buy out Odoms contract and bring him back. Then the Lakers can take the West and go for another ring!!!

  2. H. Lewis Smith

    Odom is no longer the player that he once was. His head is no longer in the game. The Lakers actually did themselves a favor by trying to trade him and Odom did them an even bigger favor by requesting that he be traded. There is just simply too much going on with him outside of basketball, he reported to the Lakers out of shape, both mentally and physically. I’m afraid that at this point Odom is his own worst enemy.

  3. Boisest99

    If he is bought out Kobe and World Peace will convince him to come home and make another run at it.

  4. Lamar saw the writing on the wall last year. He said that he never expected to be the 6th man at this point in his career. Lamar knew when he went to Dallas that he was on thin ice (and the temper tantrum did not help). Lamar has had alot of distractions in recent times, maybe he needs the time to kick back, chill out, and come back with guns blazin’ (or else!). Maybe he wants to become a stay at home dad, Kourt can afford it!

  5. levendis

    I think the only reason they’re not waiving him is because they don’t want the Lakers to sign him. He would fit perfectly for that team who needs bench help. Don’t know why he wanted to leave in the first place

    • Scccaaron

      actually yankfan, that’s not at all why they won’t release him. under the new CBA he couldn’t sign with the lakers. nice guess though.

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