Poll: What Will Jamison Average As A Clipper?

As we detailed yesterday, Antawn Jamison decided to switch locker rooms at the Staples Center, going from the Lakers to the Clippers on a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum.  Jamison is now 37 and saw his numbers drop drastically across the board last year as a part-time player for the Lakers.  He averaged only 21.4 minutes-per-game in 2012/13, the lowest number of his career, but also shot 46.4 percent from the field, which was his highest shooting percentage since his 2008/09 campaign in Washington.

Our Chuck Myron compiled a list of reactions to the signing of Jamison and the consensus seems to be that, in light of the mystery that is Lamar Odom, Doc Rivers and the Clippers were able to land a consumate professional that will help do the little things it takes to win a championship.  This was presumably the same reason the Lakers signed Jamison last year.  The question is, were Jamison's career low averages (9.4 points-per-game) a reflection of a terrible situation with the Lakers or more simply a result of an aging player's diminishing skills?  In short, what will his scoring average be this season with the Clippers?

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