Poll: Will LeBron James Serve As NBPA President?

LeBron James is a pretty busy guy, but it's possible that his schedule is going to get even more crowded in the coming months.  In addition to chasing his third NBA title and his fifth MVP trophy, James could make a run at the presidency of the National Basketball Players Association.  James wouldn't be the first star player to hold the mantle, but he would be the first since Patrick Ewing was at the helm from September 1997-July 2001.  James knows that he would be stretched pretty thin if he goes through with it, but he sounds serious about the idea.

"I'm not sure I have the time to do it, but it's something I'm going to think about with my team and go from there," James said yesterday. "But I think we all can agree there's been a lot of transition in our union in the last couple of years. If it's not me in that seat then I hope it's someone who is comfortable with it and can do the job."

While the likes of Ewing, Isiah Thomas, Buck Williams, Alex English, Bob Lanier, Oscar Robertson, and Bob Cousy have served as the NBPA president, the last three men to spearhead the union (Michael Curry, Antonio Davis, and Derek Fisher) have had lighter workloads.  At the same time, the NBPA is still reeling from a serious scandal and a CBA that tilted things back in the favor of the owners.  Ultimately, will LeBron go through with it?

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