Odds & Ends: D-League, Tanking, Thornton

Now that NBA teams have finalized their opening night rosters, free agents and camp invitees who missed the cut could turn to the D-League. NBA clubs are allowed to retain D-League rights for up to three players they had in camp, and many D-League squads will still hang on to players’ rights from last season. Many D-League hopefuls, however, have their sights set on November 1st, the night of this year’s draft. Over at D-League Digest, Gino Pilato has a primer for this year’s draft, while at Secret Rival, Mark Porcaro examines the players we know will be part of the draft pool.

Here are a few more odds and ends from around the Association:

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2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends: D-League, Tanking, Thornton

  1. Jordan King

    My guess would be the Suns. Although the only thing that makes me pause a little is that I doubt Sarver would be smart enough to sign off on it.

  2. Brian McTeague

    my guess is the 76ers.. they really dont have alot in concrete and they didnt try to make alot of moves this off season

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