Few 2012/13 10-Day Signees Remain In NBA

A 10-day contract is a chance for a player to either establish his NBA career or to revive it. Still, even if they’re able to stick once the 10 days are over, most of the guys who sign the shortest of contracts don’t manage more than a brief foray into the Association.

Only nine of the 32 players who signed at least one 10-day contract last year remain in the NBA as the new season gets underway. Another 11 were in training camps last month but failed to make their teams. The largest subgroup comprises a dozen players who are no longer in the league and didn’t take part in an NBA camp at all.

Perhaps the most successful 10-day signee from last season is Chris Andersen, whose energetic play off the bench helped the Heat to the championship. He remains much a part of the team, unlike many of his peers. Kenyon Martin is the only other 2012/13 10-day signee who seems to be part of an NBA rotation right now. Maalik Wayns may only be in the league because he’s injured and the Clippers would have to guarantee his salary if they cut him loose before he heals.

Below is a look at each player to sign a 10-day contract last season, categorized by their proximity to the NBA as 2013/14 begins. For information on 10-day signings dating back to the 2006/07 season, check out the Hoops Rumors Ten Day Tracker.

On rosters:

Camp cuts:

Not in camp:

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