Cavs, Kings Pursuing Trades

The Cavaliers and Kings are actively seeking trades in response to subpar performances so far this season, a source tells HoopsWorld’s Alex Kennedy (Twitter links). It’s not clear whether they’re close to any deals or if they’re working on a trade with each other, but they appear to be two of the most aggressive clubs on the market.

The Cavs are reportedly under a mandate from owner Dan Gilbert to make the playoffs, but they’re just 3-6 to start the season, and offseason signee Andrew Bynum is doubtful he can return to full health. They have eight contracts fully guaranteed beyond this season, but that total doesn’t include the deals for Bynum and frequently mentioned trade candidate Anderson Varejao, giving Cleveland some flexibility. The Cavs also have three extra first-round picks set to come their way the next two years, so they have valuable assets to burn.

The Kings owe one of those picks to Cleveland thanks to a previous trade. Sacramento has all its other first-rounders, but is short on second-round picks to deal. The new regime in Sacramento is anxious to put a quality product on the floor as it continues to campaign for a new arena, as Grantland’s Zach Lowe has written, and there has been trade chatter surrounding DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmer Fredette. Nine Kings players have fully guaranteed salaries for 2014/15, but John Salmons is the only one among the team’s seven most highly paid players who doesn’t. The Kings are 2-5 after upsetting the Nets last night in Sacramento.

It could be difficult for either team to pull off a trade for at least another month or so. Players who signed new contracts in the offseason won’t become eligible to be included in trades until December 15th, at the earliest.

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8 thoughts on “Cavs, Kings Pursuing Trades

  1. Paul Minicucci

    Why would the Kings trade Cousins? He is their one and only hope. there is no fair trade possible for him. Even his absurdly high talent and probable stardom will not bring back equal talent in a trade because every club in the NBA fears his downside.
    Just like last year when a prominent writer revealed he was stirring up Cousins trade talk at the behest of some NBA clubs, this nonsense will continue, I guess. What a drag to hear this crap over and over. For Kings fans, we do not look at our club like some kind of minor league team who drafts players, develops them and then gives them away to the elite. It’s like some medieval tale where the big bad Huns come in, and periodically rape and pillage and the Kings are supposed to just be quiet and take it. Sorry for the rant but this is tiresome.

    • wildrover4

      I think the Kings did explore his trade value before extending his contract. It is not clear to me why that is a bad thing. If you have concerns as an organization, there is nothing wrong in determining whether you might be able to get fair value back before making a long-term commitment. You are correct in that they couldn’t get fair value back. Just because they are exploring trades now, doesn’t mean that the are shopping Cousins. The problem they have frankly, is that there just isn’t much else on that roster (besides McLemore) that has value.

      • Nurani Reed

        Trading Jimmer to utah for some draft picks or comparable trade would work out well for Kings.

  2. Nurani Reed

    To say cousins would be traded after he just signed a new contract for 40 million is stupid. Now Jimmer and Salmons and Thompson on the other hand are different stories.

  3. Grant Napear

    Wtf what an idiot why the hell would the Kings trade Cousins after signing him to a brand new fat contract?! Are you outta your damn mind? Worry about your own damn team!!!


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