Cavs Unlikely To Draft Nerlens Noel?

The Cavs front office is free to do what they want with in free agency and in the draft, but they have a mandate from owner Dan Gilbert to make the playoffs this season, Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld (via Twitter) hears.  With pressure to win right away, it's now unlikely that the Cavs take Nerlens Noel with the No. 1 pick (link).

While the Kentucky product is regarded by some as the best talent in the 2013 draft, but he'll be on the shelf for quite a while as he recovers from an ACL tear.  That could point the Cavs in Otto Porter's direction since they are also said to be enamored with him.  It may also prompt the club to trade the No. 1 pick, but things have been quiet on that front so far.

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13 thoughts on “Cavs Unlikely To Draft Nerlens Noel?

  1. DieHardMsFan

    Honestly don’t see the hype with Noels. I mean sure Anthony Davis was a project in some ways and has a similar build, but he was more athletic and already had a good jumper. He just needed to develop a somewhat decent post game and get stronger. Noels apart from blocking shots, needs to develop just about everything…He is like a poor man’s Tyson Chandler at best and with the first pick I would want more upside. The SG from Kansas (McLemore spelling?) I think has the best potential in this draft, but because of Waiters I don’t think they draft him.

    Otto seems like a pretty good fit as they really have no one to play the 3…I wasn’t all that impressed by him in college though. This draft is just not a good one to have a high pick…

  2. Matt Wemer

    Porter is the way to go. If the Cavs can swing a way to trade down and get him then they should, but there’s nothing wrong with taking your guy. Porter projects as a starting SF. He may not be a star but I see him as a solid Luol Deng, Nicholas Batum kind of player. With the Cavs current set-up, this type of player will fit perfectly and allow the Cavs to make a run for the playoffs. Noel may end up being a better player, but he’s a high risk venture due to his ACL and lack of offensive game. Also, the Cavs have a need in the frontcourt, but for a scorer, not for another offensively deficient Big Man, a la Tristan Thompson. The Cavs have 3 Big Men who are known more for Defense and Rebounds. We need someone who can score at least 16-17 ppg to give Irving a scoring option other then the trigger happy Waiters.

    • Nathan Futey

      I didn’t think Matt W. was that bad off a comment… other than tigger happy waiters cause he was suppose to shot alot… Irving should of passed more and not tried to take over the games at the final 2-4 minutes whenever they were close… This is why we need Vets, and another scorer at the 3… not a guy like Noel… I would also take Mclemore cause he might have 1 of the most to be the best in draft or if you want a Def. sg. take Oladikia Sorry on spelling from indiania and I didn’t see much of him and I trust are guys and like his build and that is Alex Len from Maryland since he is 7-1 and 255 and got nice footwork and his injury was not like noels and will be able to play at the start of this training camp… and gives us back up in the center and we can free agent and get a SF or take a pg or sf with are 19 and a euro and a guy like d. thomas from osu or a big name type from a big school with 31 and 33….

  3. Ddap92

    Could draft Noel still, then look to pickup cheap veteran FA or best-case scenario: Trade the pick for a high pick next year.

    • DieHardMsFan

      Problem is next year’s class is loaded. You have Wiggins, Harrison Twins, Randle, Smart (top 5 pick this year…not sure why he didn’t stay in the draft) and plenty of others. No GM will trade their pick in next years draft (especially if they are projected to be a bad/terrible team)

      • Ddap92

        I See What You’re Saying But I Think There Are 1 Or 2 Teams That might Trade….Hornets? (Bobcats..Not Pelicans)

        • DieHardMsFan

          I am sorry, but I fail to see why the Horents would make a trade? Sure they may be a pretty good team this upcomming year and as a result of some interesting pieces they have on the roster and could be a surprise team to grab an 8 seed in the west. That said they have huge question mark regarding Gordon’s Knees. Also Davis was hurt and missed some time.

          It will be hard for a GM to just assume both players are to stay healthy. If either gets hurt for a significant period of time they could be a team with a great shot at a top 5 pick next year. Honestly anyone from next years top 10-12 picks would either be the number 1 pick this year or in consideration for the number 1 pick. Next years class is just loaded.

          • Ddap92

            I Get What You’re Saying, A Trade Wouldn’t Make Too Much Sense But I Feel Like Jordan Would Make A Trade .

  4. B T Phillips

    I do not care who the Cav’s take because Grant is a waste of a GM and all these picks he has made so far stick, so we are wasting all these picks, and will be starting over once again with a new GM and a new rebuilding plan in Cleveland, Sad what Cleveland sports has become, and the fans are so stupid to believe ever year when the same BS happens every year, Now They are the fools,

    • DieHardMsFan

      I disagree with you here. They picked Kyrie Irving. Other than that the Cavs just have been unlucky to have high picks in rather bad/terrible drafts…

      • Nathan Futey

        Main Gm’s coaches and people in charge of the nba believe the Cavs are on the right track and have lots of picks still and one of the top cap space teams and are a young team that hasn’t begain to show what they can do… That was one reason they brought M. Brown back… Def. and Scott was just not coaching or doing films durning the seasoon to teach them… he would golf to much… So they went and got a Def. minded tough coach to teach them all of this cause these guy are just what would be coming out of college now and are a great core like OKC was and still has not got there extra vet. so make them improve and teach them too…. All for 1, 1 for all…

    • Nathan Futey

      Your so wrong, and win did the Browns win a Super bowl…. wait they didn’t they needed it before there was a thing called a super bowl….Cleveland fans are all a like… you will route for the Browns and indians all year even if there not playing and forget about the Cavs even durning there season…. Maybe the browns will win a super bowl when Jim brown comes back and joins them again… Until then you got nothing to say….

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