Celtics Rumors: Asik, Rondo, Luxury Tax

The Celtics are viewed as one of the most likely suitors for Omer Asik, but even if they don’t land the Rockets center, the C’s figure to be active before this season’s trade deadline. The latest piece from Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald focuses on the team’s involvement in trade talks and rumors, so let’s round up the highlights from his piece….

  • Here’s what one rival GM had to say about the Celtics: “It looks like Danny [Ainge] doesn’t want anything to happen in the league until he gets a chance to see if he can find something in it for Boston. I think he’s got his fingers in a lot of pies.”
  • According to Ainge, while the Celtics would like to get involved in any deal that helps the franchise, there’s not a lot going on yet. “It’s December,” the GM notes.
  • Bulpett writes that the C’s have discussed Asik, but suggests that it’s unlikely they complete a deal directly with the Rockets, since Houston doesn’t seem to be interested in what Boston is offering. A three-team trade is a possibility.
  • While Ainge is willing to discuss Rajon Rondo, the point guard’s name hasn’t come up in discussions in any meaningful way, considering what the club would want in return. “Yeah, Danny will talk about Rondo if you bring his name up,” said one team executive. “You listen to everything, but when you find out the kinds of things they’d want in return for someone like Rondo, you wonder whether there’s really anything that could get something like that done.”
  • According to Bulpett, the Celtics are “very much interested” in a deal that would reduce team salary, giving the club more breathing room below the luxury tax threshold.

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