Poll: Which Impact Player Will Be Traded Next?

The past few days have been disappointing for those who like to see trades happen. Houston’s much-ballyhooed December 19th deadline to trade Omer Asik came and went without a move, but he’s not the only significant player who appears to be staying put for now. Wednesday we heard that the Lakers aren’t interested in trading Pau Gasol. That news came just a couple hours before a report indicated that the Celtics were similarly disinclined to trade Rajon Rondo. The Bulls are “determined” not to trade Luol Deng, as we passed along this morning.

Still, there are a few noteworthy trade candidates who could be shipped out well in advance of the February 20th deadline. Just about any Raptor seems liable to go, and Kyle Lowry has been the most-discussed Toronto player, even if GM Masai Ujiri isn’t urgently trying to unload him. Iman Shumpert has consistently emerged in rumors for weeks. Dion Waiters and Thaddeus Young have had to beat back reports that they’re anxious to be traded. Jason Thompson is reportedly on the block amid roster upheaval in Sacramento, as our Luke Adams examined this afternoon. Then there’s Asik, who doesn’t seem long for Houston, even if he’s still a Rocket for now.

Let us know which player you think is most likely to be the centerpiece of the next trade. I’ve included “Someone Else” as a choice in case your pick isn’t on the list. If you choose that option, leave a comment to let us know who you have in mind.

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Which Impact Player Will Be Traded Next?

  1. $67479336

    Dion has came out on several occasions saying he never requested a trade. Dan Gilbert has made it perfectly clear he doesn’t want to get rid of Dion. Ever since they moved him to 6th man he has been dominating. How long until we stop letting the incredibly uncredible Bleacher Report direct the conversation?

      • $67479336

        Those rumors might have had some traction a month ago after the media jumping on the players only meeting and the fall out from it, But like I said since that has been reported Dion has made it clear he has not asked to be traded and the owner of the team has made it very clear he intends to keep Dion. If a team fell in love and wanted to overpay for him to join their team then of course he would get traded, But its become pretty clear Dion isn’t on the block any more than the other 400+ players in the NBA. I always found Hoops Rumors to be highly credible when it comes to these things, but hanging on to the Dion Trade rumors when its clear there is nothing left to support them are doing a disservice to the site. Things could easily change as the trade deadline approaches but at this point in time there is really no evidence to support Dion playing elsewhere.

  2. Kevin Love . the T-wolves aren’t going anywhere with him .. doubt they can re-sign him . and right now the suns could put together a pretty attractive offer
    .I’m thinking the morris twins, okafer , some first round picks

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