Lawrence On Bulls, Stotts, Heat, Grizzlies

In his latest column for the New York Daily News, Mitch Lawrence surveys the entire league, bringing us some tidbits out of Chicago, Portland, and Miami, among others. Let’s dive in and check out the highlights from Lawrence….

  • According to Lawrence, Derrick Rose has told some confidantes that he’s concerned about the Bulls potentially losing key players in free agency. “Derrick is worried that the Bulls are going to lose what they have,” a league source told Lawrence. “He doesn’t want to go through rebuilding.” Reading between the lines, it sounds as if Rose might like to see the team keep free-agent-to-be Luol Deng around beyond this season.
  • Sources tell Lawrence that an offseason chat with Blazers coach Terry Stotts has made all the difference in LaMarcus Aldridge‘s outlook, though Stotts himself doesn’t believe he deserves the credit for Aldridge’s strong start: “There was talk that he was disgruntled, but when I talked to him I didn’t hear that from him. I just told LaMarcus that I felt like we had a chance to be very good this season and that he had a chance to have a great year. He’s growing into his leadership role at this stage and it’s all coming together for him. But it would be a disservice to him if I took the credit for what he’s been doing on the floor.”
  • Multiple GMs have identified Jordan Crawford of the Celtics as a potential trade target for the Heat, according to Lawrence.
  • Some people with the Grizzlies say the club needs a starting small forward, though many of those same sources think Memphis shouldn’t have traded Rudy Gay in the first place, says Lawrence.
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3 thoughts on “Lawrence On Bulls, Stotts, Heat, Grizzlies

  1. Jerze

    ..then maybe rose should have come back last year. Does he expect them to hold and hold and hold til hes ready and it suits him? Used to be my favorite player, favorite person from my city, but ive had it with this kid. Between his injuries (not his fault, i know), his lack of coming back when he could have, and now complaining about them not holding it and not doing what may be best for the team while hes out again? nah. Trade him to miami. id rather have LeBron on my fave team the bulls. at least he plays, doesnt hold the team hostage, and isnt as much of a sideshow (despite all the hype, hes remained grounded more than Rose has it appears. Lebrons brother never came out and said anything like Reggie Rose)


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