Amico On Deng, Lakers, LeBron, Bosh

Will Luol Deng stay in Cleveland beyond this year?  While there has been speculation that he’ll bolt this summer, execs tell Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio the Cavs can hang on to him if things change.  That means getting hot to close out the season and possibly shaking up the roster/coaching staff.  More from Amico’s column..

  • Most execs feel LeBron James will either return to the Heat or shock everyone and aim for the ultimate redemption story by returning to the Cavs.  The Heat, however, are believed to be way in front of everyone.
  • One GM told Amico that it’s hard to know whether the Lakers are a real possibility for Carmelo Anthony or if it’s just wishful thinking from Lakers fans.
  • It seems most GMs feel Chris Bosh, and not Anthony, is the second biggest potential prize on the upcoming market.  But if James goes back to the Heat, Bosh will, too.  If James flees Miami, the Lakers are secretly interested, sources tell Amico.
  • Kobe Bryant is probably the only one who can convince Pau Gasol to stay with the Lakers.  Gasol would love a return to Memphis, but the Grizzlies aren’t exactly big spenders.
  • If Kevin Garnett retires, Amico gets the sense that fellow Nets vet Paul Pierce could wind up anywhere.
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