Amick On Expected Buyers, Sellers At Deadline

In his most recent column, Sam Amick of USA Today passed on a lot of information gathered from six NBA executives speaking anonymously regarding what he thinks will be a “very active swapping season.” Talk includes teams from around the league looking to win now or bolster rebuilding efforts. The entire article is worth the read, but here is a brief roundup:

      • The Knicks “have decided to think big” as the deadline approaches, and believe that the CelticsRajon Rondo is more available than Boston general manager Danny Ainge is letting on. Trading Carmelo Anthony is not being given serious consideration, despite all the speculation surrounding his willingness to re-sign this summer.
      • Rival executives think that if Ainge were to make any Rondo move, he would wait until just before the deadline to do so.
      • The Pelicans are thought to be willing to trade Eric Gordon, although moving the two-year, $29MM left on his contract would be a challenge.
      • If the Suns don’t acquire Pau Gasol, Thaddeus Young is another possible trade target before the deadline. It’s also believed that Phoenix would have strong interest in Rudy Gay this off season should he opt out of his player option.
      • The Spurs and Bobcats were mentioned by an executive as possible destinations for the SixersEvan Turner, either through a trade this season or when he becomes a restricted free agent this summer.
      • It’s more likely that the Pistons move players with expiring deals (Rodney StuckeyCharlie Villanueva or Jonas Jerebko, for instance) than for them to part with Greg Monroe before the deadline.
      • The Timberwolves have great urgency to make the playoffs and keep Kevin Love content, and are thought to be willing to part with J.J. Barea, Dante Cunningham, and Alexey Shved for a deal that would help them avoid finishing another season outside the playoffs.
      • While the GrizzliesZach Randolph hasn’t said whether he will opt out of his contract this summer, he has indicated that he wants to remain with Memphis. For their part, the Grizzlies don’t appear to be shopping him. The Suns inquired about the power forward, but were told he wasn’t available.
      • The Magic aren’t eager to move Arron Afflalo, and it would likely take a proven player in addition to any draft picks to pry him away from Orlando.
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