Pistons Notes: Monroe, Gores

The Pistons are unlikely to trade Greg Monroe before the February 20th deadline, writes Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press. The idea of moving Monroe because of finances isn’t true, the team can fit him in their budget, as Andre Drummond‘s next contract is still two seasons away. The question is more to whether or not Monroe is worth signing to a big money extension. Ellis opines that teams are reluctant to give up on young, skilled big men of high character like Monroe. But, he also agrees that if a high-level player like Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo becomes available, then the Pistons would definitely have to consider making a deal. But the team trading Monroe just to add another shooter or solid rotation player that isn’t a game-changer? Highly unlikely, according to Ellis.

More from Detroit:

  • Pistons owner Tom Gores is frustrated with the team’s record and performance so far, writes Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News. “I’m not satisfied with the job I’m doing. I’m not satisfied with the job anybody’s doing, including myself,” Gores said yesterday. With the team’s record at 19-27, and considering the Pistons have given away a number of games this season with uneven fourth-quarter play, Gores said what most owners or general managers or coaches of an underperforming team would say, “The record isn’t indicative of the talent assembled on the roster“.
  • Goodwill also believes that Gores shares part of the blame from when he all but demanded the Pistons make the playoffs this season, and made his desire known for the team to make a big splash in free agency. This resulted in the signing of Josh Smith, a player who didn’t necessarily fit the mold of what many expected the team should’ve been shopping for.
  • Gores also stated that he is more focused on making their own players better right now, rather then making trades before the deadline, according to Goodwill’s piece. The owner hasn’t publicly demanded the Pistons make a drastic change to a roster that needs shooting in the worst way. But that could change if the Pistons’ woes continue.
  • Keith Langlois of NBA.com puts a more positive spin on Gores’ outlook. He believes that the owner sees a lot of hope in the young roster. The Pistons average age among their starters is 23 years, and that allows Gores to maintain a measure of patience despite the inconsistencies that have dogged them over the season’s first 46 games.

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