And-Ones: Abdul-Jabbar, CBA, Ennis, Grant

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told Mark Medina of The Los Angeles Daily News that he has some interest in becoming a part of the Bucks ownership group. “The team very likely will change hands and there are a number of people that are interested, and I’ve had some people approach me. But there’s nothing yet,” said Abdul-Jabbar. “I talked with [Bucks owner] Mr. Kohl, but he’s talked to a lot of people. The team isn’t doing well and not making money.” More from around the league:

  • While the Sixers are derided for approaching the worst losing streak in NBA history, Jeré Longman of The New York Times looks at how many members of the young and unproven roster are fighting more for a career than a record-halting win. “It’s an audition for the whole team,” said guard James Anderson. “A lot of people, all they see is the streak, but we’re out here fighting, trying to stick around in this league.”
  • Nate Duncan of Basketball Insiders believes that the current CBA has had unintended consequences that have hurt small market and mediocre teams. Duncan thinks the harsh repeater tax, meant to deter big market teams from exceeding the salary cap, only widened the gap in salary flexibility since the tax is an even greater deterrent for small market teams that otherwise might splurge during a window of title contention. Duncan also covers changes in contract extensions and trade regulations that have weakened mediocre teams and resulted in dull trade deadlines.
  • Multiple league sources tell Chris Broussard of that they are concerned an over-reliance on advanced statistics is blocking NBA former players from getting as many front office jobs, since they aren’t as devoted to metrics as “stat guys” with a background in analytics or finance. “Generally speaking, neither the [newer generation of] owners nor the analytic guys have basketball in their background,” one longtime league executive told Broussard. “This fact makes it easy for both parties to dismiss the importance of having experience in and knowledge of the game.”
  • Jim Boeheim tells Adam Zagoria of it could be a while before freshman Tyler Ennis and sophomore Jerami Grant make their decisions on whether to declare for the draft or return to Syracuse. “I don’t think there will be any word on them for a while,” said Boeheim. ”You never know in this business. They’ll figure it out somehow.”
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