Bosh, LeBron To Stay In Miami Next Season?

Chris Bosh spoke on ESPN Radio’s Dan Le Batard Show and told Le Batard that he and LeBron James would be playing for Miami next season, reports Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report. Both James and Bosh have the ability to terminate their contracts early and enter free agency this summer, but Bosh responded with “true” when asked a pair of true/false questions inquiring whether he and James would be playing for the Heat next year.

While Bosh’s words are by no means binding, they do come in the midst of heavy speculation  that the “Big Three” might be on their way out of Miami, each in search of a max deal. It’s certainly possible that Bosh and James terminate their contracts, which have the potential to extend until the 2015/16, only to re-sign longer pacts with the Heat. Of course, Dwyane Wade has the option to end his deal with the club and enter free agency as well, but Bosh made no comments to Le Batard regarding Wade’s intentions this offseason.

The tone of the interview was “lighthearted,” according to Skolnick, but Bosh’s comments should nonetheless serve some level of comfort to Heat fans who’ve been hearing speculation of James returning to Cleveland and Bosh heading off to Dallas this summer. Another championship couldn’t hurt the superstars’ willingness to stay, and the Heat are definitely capable of going all the way again in 2013/14. James and Bosh respectively sit at number one and three on the Hoops Rumors 2014 Free Agent Power Rankings.

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5 thoughts on “Bosh, LeBron To Stay In Miami Next Season?

  1. Z....

    they were probably playing that game Lebatard likes to play with his guests where he asks a number of True/False questions in succession. It doesnt mean anything other than the mindset at this point. I think that Bosh is guaranteed staying after comments he has made all along. With Lebron, anything can happen, though I think he is probably leaning towards staying at this point

  2. Marinersforever71

    Both LeBron & Bosh could stay w/ the Heat if the front office and the agent of Chris Kaman can be worked out in the summer. That will be a tough team to defeat w/ the addition of Kaman that wanted out of Los Angeles (Lakers) after a messy situation there.

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