10-Day Contract Trends In 2013/14

A total of 41 players signed 10-day contracts this past season, up from 36 last year. It’s a greater volume of 10-day signees than in any season since 2006/07, the first represented in our 10-Day Tracker. There’s plenty of other data that can be gleaned from this year’s slew of 10-day signings, as we detail below:

  • There were 16 players who signed one 10-day contract with a team, but didn’t re-sign.
  • Almost as many — 14 — signed two 10-day contracts with a team, but didn’t re-sign.
  • A dozen players signed two 10-day contracts with a team before re-signing on a deal for at least the rest of the season.
  • Five players signed one 10-day contract and followed with a deal covering at least the rest of the season with the same team.
  • Shannon Brown, Dewayne Dedmon, Cartier Martin, Darius Morris, James Nunnally and Jarvis Varnado all signed at least one 10-day contract with two teams.
  • ASM Sports and Wasserman Media Group were the agencies with the most clients signing 10-day deals. Each represented four signees.
  • The Sixers led the NBA with 23 players appearing in a game this season, so it’s no surprise that they signed an NBA-high five players to 10-day contracts. That doesn’t include their deal with Adonis Thomas. The Sixers referred to it as a 10-day contract, but it covered the final 10 days of the regular season, making it analogous to a rest-of-season deal.
  • No team signed four players to 10-day contracts, but the Hawks, Celtics, Bulls, Cavaliers, Clippers, Bucks, Thunder, Kings and Spurs signed three each.
  • Ten teams — the Raptors, Pacers, Pistons, Trail Blazers, Timberwolves, Nuggets, Jazz, Rockets, Mavericks and Pelicans — didn’t sign anyone to a 10-day contract this season. I noted in March that they were unlikely to do so.

Feel free to play around with the tracker and see if you can identify a few more trends.

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