Coaching Rumors: Thibodeau, Ollie, Dunleavy

Ken Berger of thinks the the path for Tom Thibodeau to move from the Bulls to the Lakers is complicated and unlikely, but says that the precedent set when Doc Rivers joined the Clippers while under contract with the Celtics has caused many in the coaching ranks to expect more pseudo-trades of coaches to take place. Here’s more on the league’s coaching front:

  • Nick Friedell of says that if Thibodeau were to leave the Bulls, it would imply that he doesn’t expect Derrick Rose to come back strong enough to make Chicago a true contender.
  • Friedell thinks Chicago fans would be very unhappy with a deal, since the best the Lakers can offer in return for Thibodeau would be draft assets and/or to absorb Carlos Boozer‘s contract.
  • While we’ve noted that the requested meeting with the Lakers is unlikely, the scribe adds that the Bulls might be forced to consider it if they can’t come to an agreement on an extension with the coach.
  • Steve Kerrs TNT broadcasting partner Reggie Miller tweets his opinion that Kerr should weigh his options before settling on the Knicks (H/T Ian Begley of
  • Mike Dunleavy Sr. said he was interested in the Lakers coaching opening on his SiriusXM NBA Radio show (transcription via Mark Medina of Los Angeles Daily News.) “If I had an opportunity to interview with them I would definitely be interested,” said Dunleavy, who is reportedly on the Lakers’ list.
  • Dunleavy also said he has a good relationship with Kobe Bryant, of whom he spoke highly. “I recruited [Bryant] a number of years ago to come to the Clippers,” Dunleavy said. “I think at the time I had a good argument for it and I think we were very close to getting him to shift at that time.”
  • Kevin Ollie is open to hearing from the Lakers, but is very committed to UConn, a person familiar with Ollie’s thinking tells Medina in a separate piece.
  • Nuggets coach Brian Shaw tells Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post he isn’t interested in either the Knicks or Lakers coaching vacancies. “I have a job here in Denver that I’m happy with,” said Shaw. “Though the season didn’t turn out how any of us would have liked, I’m happy where I am and I’m looking forward to coaching a full complement of healthy players.”
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5 thoughts on “Coaching Rumors: Thibodeau, Ollie, Dunleavy

  1. ManBearPig618

    Thibs is signed for 3 more years….on what planet do they need to come to an agreement on an extension?

  2. haran

    No way the lakers take boozer on plus they dont have any first rounders to offer until 2018

    • HoopsRumors

      It’s actually 2019, since they traded their 2017 pick, and the Stepien Rule prevents teams from trading first-rounders in back-to-back years. Plus, they can’t promise a team that the pick would come in 2019, since that 2017 pick might not go out until 2019. In short, the most the Lakers can promise a team is a first-rounder in 2021, unless the Lakers want to trade their first-round pick this year AFTER they make it.


  3. Rhymes with Cryin' Bud

    I feel like OKC is the only place for which Kevin Ollie would consider bolting this quickly into his UConn tenure. But it’s tough to say. LA is his home. OKC has Durant, on whom he made a huge impact. And he loves UConn and Coach Calhoun.


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