2014 Draft Pick Signings

Teams commonly show their newly minted draft picks off to the public in the days following the event, even going to the trouble of printing up jerseys for them to hold for the cameras. Yet unlike free agency, when such displays only happen after contracts are officially signed, most teams wait a while to finalize their deals with draft picks. In some cases, the players never wind up wearing those jerseys in a game, and that’s especially true of second-rounders.

Still, most first-rounders ending up signing at some point, and the predetermined rookie scale contracts they sign eliminate most of the negotiation. I recently ran down the likely salary for each first-round pick, and that’s what the first-rounders with “signed” by their names are getting, unless otherwise noted. There’s no scale for second-rounders, so they wind up signing deals of varying structure and worth. As we update this post throughout the offseason, you’ll see details on the contracts for each second-rounder who signs with his NBA club.

Each player is listed next to the team that holds his rights, which isn’t necessarily the team that drafted him, since so many picks change hands on draft night. We’ll update this post whenever there’s news of a signing, and you’ll be able to find a link to it under the “Hoops Rumors Features” menu on the right sidebar so you can keep up to date throughout the summer.

First Round

  1. Cavaliers: Andrew Wiggins signed
  2. Bucks: Jabari Parker signed
  3. Sixers: Joel Embiid signed
  4. Magic: Aaron Gordon signed
  5. Jazz: Dante Exum signed
  6. Celtics: Marcus Smart signed
  7. Lakers: Julius Randle signed
  8. Kings: Nik Stauskas signed
  9. Hornets: Noah Vonleh signed
  10. Magic: Elfrid Payton — signed
  11. Bulls: Doug McDermott signed
  12. Sixers: Dario Saric — playing overseas
  13. Timberwolves: Zach LaVine signed
  14. Suns: T.J. Warren signed
  15. Hawks: Adreian Payne signed
  16. Nuggets: Jusuf Nurkic signed
  17. Celtics: James Young signed
  18. Suns: Tyler Ennis signed
  19. Nuggets: Gary Harris signed
  20. Raptors: Bruno Caboclo signed
  21. Thunder: Mitch McGary signed
  22. Grizzlies: Jordan Adams signed
  23. Jazz: Rodney Hood signed
  24. Heat: Shabazz Napier signed
  25. Rockets: Clint Capela signed
  26. Hornets: P.J. Hairston signed
  27. Suns: Bogdan Bogdanovic playing overseas
  28. Clippers: C.J. Wilcox signed
  29. Thunder: Josh Huestisagreed to sign with the D-League
  30. Spurs: Kyle Anderson signed

Second Round

  1. Bucks: Damien Inglis signed to a three-year, $2,650,431 deal
  2. Sixers: K.J. McDaniels signed to a one-year deal for the minimum salary
  3. Cavaliers: Joe Harris signed to a three-year, $2,710,369 deal
  4. Knicks: Cleanthony Early signed to a minimum-salary deal
  5. Grizzlies: Jarnell Stokes signed to a three-year, $2,550,490 deal
  6. Bucks: Johnny O’Bryant III signed to a three-year, $2,425,490 deal
  7. Raptors: DeAndre Daniels playing overseas
  8. Pistons: Spencer Dinwiddie signed to a three-year, $2,525,490 deal
  9. Sixers: Jerami Grant signed to a four-year, $3,761,614 deal
  10. Timberwolves: Glenn Robinson III signed to a one-year deal for the minimum salary
  11. Nuggets: Nikola Jokic playing overseas
  12. Rockets: Nick Johnsonsigned to a fully guaranteed three-year minimum-salary deal
  13. Hawks: Walter Tavares playing overseas
  14. Nets: Markel Brown signed to two-year deal for the minimum salary
  15. Cavaliers: Dwight Powell signed to a two-year deal for the minimum salary
  16. Lakers: Jordan Clarkson signed to a two-year deal for the minimum salary
  17. Pelicans: Russ Smith signed to a three-year deal for the minimum salary
  18. Hawks: Lamar Patterson playing overseas
  19. Bulls: Cameron Bairstow signed to a three-year deal for the minimum salary
  20. Suns: Alec Brown — unsigned
  21. Knicks: Thanasis Antetokounmpo agreed to sign with the D-League
  22. Sixers: Vasilije Micic playing overseas
  23. Rockets: Alessandro Gentile playing overseas
  24. Spurs: Nemanja Dangubic — playing overseas
  25. Thunder: Semaj Christon agreed to sign with the D-League
  26. Magic: Devyn Marble signed to a three-year, $2,710,369 deal
  27. Knicks: Louis Labeyrie playing overseas
  28. Sixers: Jordan McRae playing overseas
  29. Nets: Xavier Thames playing overseas
  30. Nets: Cory Jefferson signed to a two-year deal for the minimum salary
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