And-Ones: Union, Celtics, Blatche, Diawara

The players union is worried that teams like the Heat are trying to strong-arm players into making financial sacrifices by triggering hard caps with the use of the non-taxpayer’s mid-level and bi-annual exceptions, as Grantland’s Zach Lowe explains. Clubs can’t exceed the tax apron, the line $4MM above the tax threshold, if they use either the larger mid-level or the bi-annual. Ron Klempner, the interim executive director for the union, argues that such teams can eschew those exceptions and find ways that don’t trigger a hard cap to accommodate contracts for the players they want.

“Teams are being exposed for what they are doing,” Klempner told Lowe. “It has been laid bare. They are hiding behind the rules. Teams like the Heat have the ability to bring back all their players, and give them raises, but they are choosing to go in another direction.”

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3 thoughts on “And-Ones: Union, Celtics, Blatche, Diawara

  1. Kevin6CD

    Union probably has little room to complain about a CBA when it was, you know, collectively bargained. Close the loophole next time around.

    • Manchershaw Engineer

      I don’t think you’re trying to understand their point of view. The Heat are telling their players they can’t be resigned because of the hard cap. The reality is they could avoid the hard cap and pay their players what they deserve, but are deceiving them by telling them they have to take a paycut because of the hard cap. If the Heat face the hard cap, its because they value signing new players to the exception more than they do their existing players to reasonable deals. They’re hoping by lying to them they can get them to agree to sign for less than they deserve, which is why the union is making noise about it. The players went to the union with what the Heat said, and the union has clarified what’s going on.

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