Eastern Notes: LeBron, Monroe, Magic, Bulls

LeBron James is scheduled to meet Wednesday with Heat president Pat Riley in Las Vegas, league sources told ESPN’s Chris Broussard. A few days ago, we passed along that the free agent superstar was planning to have a sitdown with Riley at some point this week. Here’s what else has been buzzing in the Eastern Conference this evening:

  • Pistons president/head coach Stan Van Gundy reiterated that restricted free agent Greg Monroe is still part of the team’s future plans, reports David Mayo of MLive. Mayo also explains how Detroit could potentially create an additional $4.5MM in cap space this summer by making other moves in free agency first before signing Monroe to a new contract.
  • In their final move of this summer’s free agency, the Magic aim to land a third point guard to back up Victor Oladipo and Elfrid Payton, according to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel.
  • The Bulls’ pursuit of Pau Gasol is dependent on what Carmelo Anthony decides to do in free agency, reports Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, who hears that the wait has become “frustrating” for Chicago’s front office.
  • When Knicks head coach Derek Fisher spoke with Carmelo last week, he guaranteed that the team would be better next season with the new system, reports Marc Berman of the New York Post. Fisher, who hasn’t spoken with Anthony since Thursday’s meeting, wouldn’t say whether he felt good or not about New York’s chances of retaining the star forward.
  • In another piece, Berman writes that Anthony has held out faint hope that Knicks president Phil Jackson can clear the necessary cap space this summer to bring LeBron James to New York. Doing so would at the least require New York to find takers for Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani in salary dump deals.
  • Having completed his workout for the Raptors, former NBA swingman Yakhouba Diawara will be auditioning for the Bucks next, a source tells David Pick of Eurobasket (Twitter link).
  • Celtics guard Rajon Rondo recently spoke with Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe and brushed off speculation that the arrival of rookie point guard Marcus Smart could affect his future in Boston. “I don’t think (anything) of it… I can be here today, gone tomorrow. You never know. For me to get bent out of shape, or to feel threatened by the Celtics drafting a point guard, it means nothing.”
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8 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: LeBron, Monroe, Magic, Bulls

  1. Z....

    the Bulls should just make their play for Gasol and forget about Melo. Gasol should be their #1 priority anyway. Then they can amnesty Boozer, or somehow find someone willing to take him on. With the remaining cap room, they can sign a shooter or someone to handle the ball off the bench, while also bringing over Mirotic. They cant afford to miss out on Gasol when Melo decides to go somewhere else

    • evydevy

      Z…. can you please explain your reasoning to me? I ask because I, for one, would be absolutely FURIOUS if Pau ended up in Chicago. Why should he be our #1 priority? This is a completely genuine question. I’m trying very hard to come up with a reason for wanting him on the team, and I cannot come up with a single one. We just got out of a terrible overpay.. why get right back into another one, for someone that will be coming off the bench?

      • Z....

        I dont know how much you think you’d be paying Gasol, or for how many years, but it isnt what I would think he gets.

      • Manchershaw Engineer

        I think the idea is if the Bulls can’t get Melo, they sign Gasol and then move Gibson to shore up the three. There isn’t a realistic upgrade out there at that position for the Bulls other than Melo (because they aren’t signing Lebron and the Rockets will match on Parsons) and Gibson would be able to get a good return. Then you’ve got Gasol-Noah 4-5 with Mirotic to back them up. That’s a good team, if they get a decent player back in the Taj trade.

    • Resneps2340

      Carmelo should absolutely still be the priority over Gasol. Melo can create offense and shots in a way the Bulls haven’t had in years and they need that more than Gasol’s low post offense. Plus, this would relegate Taj back to the bench. I wouldn’t mind Gasol at the right price but until Melo signs with another team, he should remain the Bulls focus.

      • Z....

        I’d like to see how the Bulls can keep Taj Gibson (which I personally think they need to do) and sign Melo. Also, I’d be interested to see what kind of offense the team would run if Melo were to be a Chicago Bull. Taking turns and playing isolation doesnt work. The Atlanta Hawks know that, Melo should know that after doing it in New York, and the Heat learned that in 2011. One of Derrick Rose and Melo would have to realize that the other needs to be the #1 option for them to succeed, and figure out other ways to impact games. They also have to be willing ball movers and trust their teammates to make the correct plays or knock down shots. I dont know how holding the ball and dribbling would help that offense, as great as Rose and Melo are…That being said, Melo would be great for the Bulls, as it finally gives them someone to give the ball to at the end of a shot clock to make a play. I just think that Gasol is a better fit, and would be fun to watch with Noah. The possible big-big passing that we could see…All I’m saying is that I wouldnt risk missing out on Gasol while waiting on Melo. If Melo doesnt come to Chicago, and then you missed out on Gasol as well, then what?

    • Zak Arn

      Bulls are lacking pure shooters with range that create their own shot? Gasol has the same mid-range game as Boozer. Gasol provides better defense though. But outside of Melo, their best option for that kind of player would be Paul Pierce, Shawn Marion, Chandler Parsons, Lance Stephenson?, Eric Bledsoe, Trevor Ariza.

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