Top Scorers Still On The Market

Many NBA teams are largely finished with their free agent shopping, but most clubs probably wouldn’t mind adding a scorer or two to supplement their benches. Taking a flier on a summer league standout or an undrafted rookie can pay dividends, but there are plenty of proven veteran scorers still on the market as well.

Below is a list of the top 15 remaining free agents by points per 36 minutes. It’s no surprise that Eric Bledsoe, the No. 4 player in the Hoops Rumors Free Agent Power Rankings, is at the top as his restricted free agency drags on. Fellow sought-after restricted free agent Greg Monroe is on this list amid conflicting reports about whether he’s going to sign his qualifying offer. Ray Allen has been the subject of plenty of chatter even though he trails Mike Harris, a much less ballyhooed free agent, in this category.

Each player’s rate of points per 36 minutes during the 2013/14 campaign is listed in parentheses. To qualify, these free agents must have averaged at least 10 minutes per game and appeared in at least 20 contests this past season.

  1. Eric Bledsoe (19.4)
  2. Michael Beasley (18.9)
  3. Andray Blatche (18.3)
  4. Jordan Crawford (17.2)
  5. Greg Monroe (16.7)
  6. Ramon Sessions (16.6)
  7. Andrew Bynum (15.7)
  8. Leandro Barbosa (14.7)
  9. Jordan Hamilton (14.3)
  10. Jermaine O’Neal (14.2)
  11. Anthony Randolph (14.1)
  12. Mike Harris (13.4)
  13. Ray Allen (13.0)
  14. Darius Morris (12.3)
  15. Antawn Jamison (12.2)

Honorable mention:

  • Earl Clark and Chris Douglas-Roberts would have been next on the list, as both averaged 12.0 points per 36 minutes.
  • The No. 3 position would have gone to Charlie Villanueva, who notched 18.4 points per 36 minutes, but he was 20 total minutes shy of meeting the qualifying criteria.
  • MarShon Brooks (18.1), Byron Mullens (16.4) and Al Harrington (15.9) scored at rates that would have put them in the top 15, but they’ve all agreed to deals with overseas teams.
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